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Chapter 3

Vernon looked at the orange lit RentaStor building. It did not have windows just gray metal gates. He wondered how they would get in but luck was with them, one gate was open at street level. There was enough space to slide underneath but Vernon did not like it.

He could imagine that anything could be waiting on the other side. The fear that one of those disgusting flappy brained dogs could be lying in wait to get his leg or worse caused Vernon to frown. Of course it was possible that enemies were hiding along the aisles just waiting to attack. Vernon focused and managed to push down his fears.

“Vernon, who should go first?” Caroline asked while looking around.
It was getting dark and she did not want to be outside. She felt exposed.

Saul put his dufflebag down and kept watch on the street.

Vernon looked at the gate while he placed his dufflebag on the ground.
He decided to see if he could lift the gate with someone's help.

Vernon looked at Caroline. “Caroline, can you help me pull up this gate?”

Caroline took one more glance back at the empty street and moved to the gate.
She placed the box with the radio on the ground.

For a few minutes, they huffed and puffed and tried to lift the gate. It just gave a rusty shriek and moved up a few inches.

Caroline looked at the gate. “At least now, you can roll under and see what's on the other side instead of blindly crawling.”

“Yeah,” Vernon replied with little enthusiasm.

He then crouched with a grunt and rolled under the gate. A few seconds later, Vernon grabbed his dufflebag and pulled it into the building.

Saul backed up to the gate and placed his dufflebag on the ground next to the gate.

He bowed to Caroline. “Ladies first.”

“Ah, thank you sir!” Caroline replied.

She rolled under the gate. The cold concrete made her shiver a bit.

Saul slid the box to Caroline. After that Saul went under too. Caroline helped Saul get his dufflebag.

Vernon waited until everyone and their belongings were away from the metal gate before pulling it down. There was a latch on the side of the entrance way near the floor, it took him just a second to lock the gate. He felt a bit safer now.

Now to deal with whatever was in the place with them, Vernon thought.

Saul looked around, he was surprised the lighting was so bright, it was not like some of the warehouses in the movies. Straight ahead was a hallway with locked doors. Saul wondered which door would be unlocked.

Vernon checked out the orange neon sign that pointed to the offices. “Guys, we should see about getting some keys or we are wasting our time here.”

Caroline and Saul followed Vernon to the offices.

Vernon peeked past the door to the office. So far he did not see anything.

He whispered to Caroline. “Stay here and make sure nothing sneaks up on us.”

She nodded yes.

Vernon peeked again then crouch walked into the office while Saul followed him. After a quick peek at the rooms to the left and right, Vernon could see that they were empty. That left the room straight ahead. Vernon and Saul slowly crept up to the doorway and looked.

Other than an open gray green cocoon, there was nothing dangerous there. Just a gray metal desk covered with papers and mold from the cocoon. A gray metal chair stuck out of the cocoon. Saul spied a big keyring hanging on a hook to the left of the desk. It did not take him long to grab it and head out.

They left the offices and met up with Caroline.

For some reason Saul closed the door. That made him feel safer.

Vernon wanted to say that the mold would probably grow under the door but he decided not to bother.

Caroline looked at Saul's keyring. “Do we check everything?”

“No. Lets look around first,” Vernon said.

They started down the main hallway looking at the aisles to the left and right of them. The first two sets of storage containers were too small to live out of. The group kept walking down the hallway until they found the large container section.

Something was making a buzzing noise further down the hallway.

Vernon gestured to Saul and Caroline to stay in the hallway while he went to investigate the noise. As he walked past containers that were big enough for several people to live in, Vernon recognized the sound. Someone was snoring in the last container.

He wanted to laugh but then he thought about what would happen if the flappy brained dogs got in. It was probably better that they closed the door to their container if there was some air circulation. Vernon shrugged and walked back to Saul and Caroline.

Caroline asked. “What is making the noise?”

“A very tired person.” Vernon replied.

“You did not introduce yourself?” Saul asked.

“No, I didn't think it was worth waking the guy or gal up,” Vernon replied.

Caroline looked down the aisle.

“Yeah, lets go find our own container and get something to eat,” Vernon said.

The group went down the aisle to the container that was the furthest from the unknown sleeper. Vernon just felt that if the person had issues, he or she would have less to complain about if there was enough space between them.

After Vernon unlocked the lock on the container, he was a bit dismayed how flimsy the locking mechanism was. A few good whacks from a sledgehammer or even a rock could open it. One of those flappy brained creatures or a person could easily open it.

“Um, Vernon, I don't want to sound like a fraidy cat but none of these containers have light in them,” Caroline said with a bit of fear in her voice.

Vernon looked away from the lock and looked at Caroline. “No problem, we have an electric lantern. Also we are just staying here the night and moving on in the morning.”

“Everyone step back in case something comes out,” Vernon said and prepared to lift the gate.

Saul and Caroline stepped back.

Saul raised his gun.

Vernon pulled the gate up, it moved with a echoing rattling sound.

At the entrance of the container, it was somewhat lit up but the back was totally dark.

Saul smelled metal but he said nothing.

Vernon went through his bag until he found a flashlight then he turned it on and shined it into the container. It was empty. That was good, he did not feel like carrying stuff out of the container.

They ate a quick and quiet meal from the contents of Vernon's dufflebag.

Caroline opened the box and pulled the emergency radio out. It was made of cheap looking black plastic with a dull blue dial.

“Do you want me to crank it up?” Vernon asked while eying the radio.

“Nah, I got this,” Caroline replied. She turned the crank vigorously for a few minutes.

Vernon and Saul moved in closer when Caroline turned on the radio.

All they heard was static until Caroline went through the stations. Other than Emergency Broadcast messages, that was it.

Then after a few short conversations, everyone prepared to sleep. Saul took first watch at the entrance of the container.

His watch was uneventful, Saul was glad. Even though he thought something would happen, nothing did. He just sat at the entrance of the partially open container and looked and listened for threats.

Vernon relieved Saul after a few hours. Saul was so tired, he curled up on his blanket and slept.

Saul's Dream

Saul's mother was stroking his hair. She had been dead for at least ten years but this was a special dream. He was a young boy now.

“My precious little man,” She crooned.

Saul luxuriated in the feelings of pure love that surrounded him.

His mother started to hum a tune.

Saul began to feel uncomfortable.

“My precious little man, why won't you join us?” The thing that was his mother asked.

Almost against his will, Saul turned and looked. His beloved mother was one of those flappy brained things!


Crying and screaming with disbelief Saul woke up. He thought he had been screaming but he had just been gasping. Rage blossomed in his heart. If a flappy brained baby were to crawl past him, Saul would have scooped up the creature and smashed its brain against the wall of the shipping container. Then the rage faded.

What kind of man am I to hurt a baby?

Saul did not really understand why Vernon pushed so hard to leave the city. Now he knew why. These things were rummaging through his memories like jackals or other scavenging beasts going through garbage cans. He tried to picture his mother but for a few minutes all he could see was the monstrosity from his dream.

Anger started to build until Saul focused on his best memories of his family. It seemed hopeless until the flood of memories came back. He just lay back and let them remind him of happier times. When Saul finished his trip down Memory Lane, he could feel that his cheeks were wet.

Now Saul knew he hated the flappy brained creatures, he would not hesitate to kill them when it was necessary. While he was thinking about revenge, Saul heard someone quietly weeping.

A quick look showed that Caroline was still sleeping. Saul got off his blanket and walked to the entrance of the container to console Vernon.

Vernon was hunched over and when Saul walked up to him, he could see Vernon's face was wet with tears.

“S-Saul, I don't know how m-much of this I can take,” Vernon whispered.

Saul looked down at his friend. “I know. Maybe we need to get going once the sun comes up?”

Vernon nodded once and looked into the hallway.

Several hours passed while Saul and Vernon did kept watch together.


Caroline had heard the exchange earlier between Saul and Vernon. She did not understand what they were talking about. Her dreams were things that were quickly forgotten. Dreams were not her primary concern, there were plenty of things to worry about in reality.

With that thought in mind she walked up to the guys.

“Um, guys, I need someone to watch my back while I go to the ladies room,” Caroline said.

Vernon looked down the hallway. “No problem, Saul and I will go with you.”

They searched for the bathrooms and got a nasty shock. A empty cocoon was in one of the stalls in the women's bathroom.

“I am sooo not going in there!” Caroline declared.

“Fine. Enjoy it because once the power grid goes, that's it for flushing,” Vernon said.

“Vern, maybe we should get some of the toilet paper from the supply closet?” Saul asked.

Caroline was halfway into the bathroom when she replied. “Since I can't tell the difference between poison ivy and regular plants, load up on all the TP you find. I will carry it all!”

Vernon and Saul looked at each other with a smile.

After Caroline was done, she stayed in the doorway while Saul and Vernon washed up.

“Do we have enough time to check out our mystery snorer?” Caroline asked.

Vernon wanted to stay no, the nightmare he had last night was still very fresh in his mind. It did not fade like his other nightmares. He just wanted to be moving on.

“Yeah but we do it quickly,” Vernon said.

They went down to the end of the hallway to the snorer's container. There was nothing there but a pile of crap and some empty cans of beans at the end of the container.

The group packed up and left the building following Vernon's compass.

Saul looked at the gray sky and wondered if it was going to rain. The meager light from the sky did not keep Saul's spirits up.

Vernon looked at Saul and Caroline, they were going to need some warm coats or jackets for today or other cold weather days. He did not need one because he had a gray rain coat in his dufflebag.

He looked at Caroline. “Caroline do you know this area? You and Saul need coats or jackets.”

Caroline looked away and though a bit. “This is the warehouse district, so we probably won't find anything here but if we go about four blocks up and two or three over, there is a Burlington Coat Factory.”

Vernon did not want to spend time backtracking but he did not want Saul and Caroline to get sick. “OK, lets do it.”

It took them about two hours to find the store. By then it was raining. Cold drops of rain pelted them while they slogged through the empty streets to find the store.

Finally they were outside the store. The doors were closed but not locked. Vernon walked up to the door and peered past the stickers on the windows to see if anything was lurking inside. He glanced at Saul and Caroline, they were shivering from the cold. Vernon opened the door and Saul and Caroline carefully stepped past him.

Vernon faced Saul. “We get the adult coats and we get out of here.”

Caroline pointed at the directory. According to the sign, adult coats were upstairs. They took the still working escalator up.

While the escalator went up, it showed them a terrible sight. There were open cocoons in some areas. Some of them were close together in groups. Saul wondered how many of these things were in the city.

The escalator was almost to the second floor when Vernon whispered,”We stay together and alert.”

Saul and Caroline nodded yes.

The second floor was dotted with cocoons rising out of mats of furry gray white mold. Vernon hoped that they can get what they need without having to get close.

It was just too quiet for Saul. He quickly scanned the aisles looking for men's coats. Grab a coat and get out was on his mind. Saul got a coat that was a good fit. Now, they just needed a coat for Caroline.

They followed her down the quiet aisles when a voice erupted downstairs.

“Hoo Yeah! Look at all of those coats. Come on Slick, lets live here,” A loud male voice said.

Another quieter male voice replied,”Shut up Dan. You don't know what's in here.”

Vernon was unsure what to do. It would be better just to slip away and not meet these people. He thought that maybe they were bandits and they would kill their group.

Before Vernon could think more about the situation, two voices spoke almost in unison,”Join us or be silenced forever!”

“Frag you! Freaks!” The first male voice screamed and a shotgun went off. After that there was just gunshots and splashing sounds. That went on for a few minutes.

Saul hoped they would not bring the battle upstairs.

Vernon thought the same idea. Also there was little cover to hide behind.

The gunshots stopped. Something was gurgling downstairs.

Vernon whispered to Caroline. “Get your coat. We are leaving!”

Caroline nodded yes and put on her new coat.

The strange gurgling noise continued.

The group crept up to the edge of the down escalator and looked down. No one could see what was going on. Silently, they took the down escalator. Vernon flicked off the safety on his gun. Caroline and Saul did the same while they headed closer to the ground floor.

Vernon could not see anything other than some of the racks with beachwear had been knocked down. He had to walk a bit toward the entrance of the store to see what happened.

There were several pools of blackish green liquid on the floor. Two headless flappy brain creatures where lying on their backs while blackish red blood pooled around the stumps of their necks. Green strands of mold were already growing over some of the blood. Vernon checked out the humans.

One poor guy had his head crushed by a store mannikin. At least his demise was quick. His friend lay in a pool of black stuff while he thrashed his legs and gurgled. Mold was growing over his face, some of it was quickly spreading across his neck.

A shot echoed through the store.

The poor man stopped thrashing.

Saul and Vernon looked at Caroline.

She just looked back with a cold look in her eye. “Lets see if we can use their stuff.”

A quick check showed they could. The group left the store and entered the cold pouring rain.

While they headed away from the store, Vernon thought about the grisly scene. The guy with the mold on his face, the flappy bastards got him by spitting black stuff on him. The other guy was a bit of a mystery. His head was crushed flat by a store mannikin. Vernon wondered how that happened. He figured that one of the flappy things grabbed the item and threw it. A bit of fear went through him at the idea.

Flappy creatures are strong enough to throw things. I really need to get out of this city.

Vernon looked back at Saul and Caroline. He quickened his pace while looking around at the dark empty street for threats. To him it seemed like the city he was born in and grew up in was turning into a dangerous place right before his eyes.

It was time to leave whatever way he could. Vernon resolved with a grim look on his face that tonight was the last night they were going to spend in this doomed city. Any means necessary, he was going to get out of here.
Soft Gray

When the roaches left her apartment wearing booties and complaining of the conditions there. She knew that her housecleaning skills were lacking. Even flies with their tiny insect brains avoided flying through the windows. The poor things did a U turn and flew back out.

Damn, my place is so nasty, even flies who grow up in filth find it just too messy. I just have to clean up!

Melissa opened her blue eyes wide to see what was really wrong. Dust coated everything with a soft shade of gray. All of the edges of the cheap furniture were blurred like her eyesight was going. Sickened by the sight, a second later she shut her eyes. There was only one thing to do.

She resolved to clean and for a few moments, the task seemed monumental. So much filth to clean, Melissa wondered if she should call for Hercules or one of his equally strong descendants to shift a river through her apartment. Then again she thought, all that water would be just terrible for the electronics. Losing her computer and tv would put a cramp in her leisure time.

The mental image of watching her cellphone bob and spark in the white raging rapids in her apartment did not put a smile on her face. The river idea was quickly buried and Melissa sought other better ideas.

An idea occurred to her, maybe channeling the ghost of Aunt Sadie would be enough to help?  Her poor Aunt was a miserable but clean person. Everything was in one or more layers of plastic slipcovers. Stuff that was good at being glued to a young girl's sweaty legs.  Melissa's mind went back reluctantly to her childhood.

She did not want to sit on the couch but her mother made her. Heck, she did not want to be there but Mother could be so insistent. Once her young legs touched the sticky plastic, it was like love at first sight for the slipcover. Melissa tried several times to get up, it felt like she was glued to the horrid couch in the horrid apartment. Finally after several tries, she tore herself from the couch. It was so painful, Melissa thought there would be pieces of bloody skin left behind. To her relief, there was no skin on the couch.

Melissa did not have to worry about hair on the bottom of her legs anymore. Almost if against her will, she thought about Aunt Sadie's cat, Slippy.

The unfortunate black furred creature somehow was also in multiple layers of yellow tinted plastic sheeting too. It could still walk around and miaow pitifully. Aunt Sadie crowed with much gusto that the hairball problem was solved. Melissa still remembered the sad look on the cat's face as it looked at its shiny slick paw, so close but several layers of plastic away. She remembered what happened to her aunt and her poor cat.

After five years, Fate dealt with the both of them harshly. It was a terrible end to be caught in a fire with flammable plastic everywhere. Melissa shook her head to clear it of those disgusting thoughts.

One thought still came through. Aunt Sadie did give her a treat wrapped in plastic but Melissa could not open it. Mother did not trust me with real scissors, just the stupid weak round ones for kids!

By the time she finally got scissors capable of sawing through the plastic on the candy, it was stale and almost tasteless. Melissa had a crazy idea that she should have thrown the candy away and sucked on the plastic wrapping, it probably would be more flavorful. No more musing on my crappy childhood. I have an apartment to clean!

She strode confidently across the grey carpet while her footsteps raised clouds of dust. Something about that reminded her that she once had a cute kitten. Well, it was cute once it stopped sneezing and coughing from the ever present dust. Melissa took a few seconds to think of the kitten's name.

The first name she remembered was Mr. Grey but then she remembered washing the kitten and after that it was white. Snowball! Yes! That was it's name. I wonder what happened to it? Melissa figured that Snowball ran away to less nose tickling and greener pastures.

Now, she was at the cabinet with the cleaning materials. Melissa took in a quick breath before sneezing several times. Aunt Sadie, wherever you are, lend me thy strong cleaning arms for this task! Something seemed to envelop Melissa. She hoped it wasn't plastic and then she was filled from head to toe with a righteous zeal for cleaning.

Other than the incident with the Chlorox and Comet that created a pretty green cloud in the bathroom that almost made Melissa cough her lungs out, her cleaning crusade was going fine.

After several hours she was almost done. Two tasks remained, her bedroom floor needed a sweeping and mopping.

Melissa pushed  her green plastic broom under her bed and pulled it back. A pile of grey dust and a clean white skeleton of a kitten came into view. Poor thing. Did the dust bunnies get you? No, there was too much dust. Maybe it was a dust leopard? She wondered how many nights she lay above the dead kitten thinking it ran away. Then she wondered how many nights she slept above a lair of a dust leopard if such a creature existed.

After a few minutes, the idea that she was partially responsible for the death of her kitten began to swirl in her mind. For a second, Melissa acknowledged that she was to blame but next time she would do better. Anger pushed aside sadness.

A white hot fury grew in her heart. I will give up my slovenly ways! I will be clean again so my next kitten will survive!

Anger strengthened her arm as she thrust the broom again under the bed like she was stabbing the foul creature that murdered her kitten. Take that! More dust appeared when she pulled her broom back.

Then a claw made of gray dust reached out from under the bed. It snapped the cheap plastic broom in half.


A low growl like a jungle cat rumbled when the claw retreated.

Then two soft grey claws of dust grabbed Melissa's legs and dragged her under the bed. She hit her head on the floor, bright grey stars covered her vision.

As Melissa choked and writhed while dust invaded her dying body, she marveled how soft the invading dust felt. It was like a kitten's fur.
Soft Gray
A cleaning misadventure.
Gleaner Chronicles
Chapter 5

Several weeks later
Dallas Dcore offices
Interrogation room six

Interrogation room six looked pretty much like five through one. A gray green room with a one way mirror window on one side, a desk with a computer and behind it some shelves and cabinets. Room six did have one different thing, a perplexed FBI agent.

Mark gazed through the one way glass into the interrogation room. Other than the prisoner, there was not much to see. Two cheap metal chairs and a gray metal table. A black bug like pony wearing a pink halter top waited with a glum look on its face. The creature had a silver and black torus on its horn. Mark knew that if he walked into the room, he would see a blonde woman chained to the table and floor. I have seen a lot of strange stuff but this is beyond that. Margot would probably be able to explain this. He thought about the day he lost her.

Mall of America
Several weeks earlier

When the wave of alien energy grabbed Margot and pulled her in, Mark wanted to go into the mall and get her out but fear held him back. He got as far as the closed door. A quick glance inside showed no bodies.

The comms went quiet. What happened to the other agents? Did they get out in time?

Mark had to reach out.

“This is Special Agent Mark Strickland. Is there anyone out there?” Mark asked through the headset.

Too few agents replied.

Then his comms was filled with a commanding voice, “This is SSA Monica Williams. All agents must keep the mall secure until local law enforcers get here. Until the Hazmat team has certified that this area is safe, no one is to enter the mall.”

Mark looked at his reflection and saw the small crowd moving up on him. He turned around. It seemed like a guy in a Red Sox baseball cap was the leader.

He walked up to Mark and said,”I need to get in there to get my wife. These people have loved ones in there too.”

“I’m sorry but no one can go in until the Hazmat team says its safe,” Mark replied.

“Well, it looks safe to me,” Baseball cap guy said aggressively after looking around Mark to see into the mall.

Mark could feel that the situation could slide into something worse but he had orders.

He took a step forward.

The crowd stepped forward too.

Mark drew his gun.

The crowd and baseball cap guy backed up a step. A second later, baseball cap guy had a determined look on his face.

Mark hoped he was not going to try to do something. The idea of having to shoot an unarmed civilian bothered him. The crowd behind baseball cap guy also made Mark uneasy.

At that moment, police cars and SWAT trucks arrived. Mark did not want to think what would have happened if he had to handle the crowd by himself.

Several days later
Washington D.C.
FBI Offices.

Mark looked at his new Dcore partner, Jerome Siklis. Something about the guy ticked him off. Slicked back dark brown hair, brown eyes and a big smile, Jerome seemed OK but something about this guy...

Jerome extended a hand, “Glad ta meetcha!”

While Mark shook his hand. Jerome reminded him of a pushy car salesman, someone with a glib reply for everything.

Mark started to miss Margot more.

Several weeks later
Dallas Dcore offices
Overview room for Interrogation room six

Jerome came in with a steaming cup of coffee and looked at the prisoner.

“Ya know, even with the fangs, she’s kinda cute looking,” Jerome mused while he placed his coffee on the table..

“You know, it could be male,” Mark replied but then regretted what he said.

“Nah, I checked, its female,” Jerome said with a smile.

Mark did not want to know how Jerome checked.

“Are you ready for some fun?” Jerome asked with an even larger smile.

Mark nodded yes. Jerome gave him a thumbs up. He left the room to go to the interrogation room.

Mark hoped that they would some useful intel from the prisoner. To him it seemed like things were going to get worse.

There was more bad news after the Mall of America attack. Several other places around the world suffered the same type of attacks. Dcore was able to pass on info about the next wave of attacks. Mark wondered how they knew.

No one could give him a straight answer when he asked. It did not take long before Mark got the hint to stop asking about it.

At least the intelligence was somewhat useful, it was sketchy as heck but Mark had worked with worse.

It was enough to even the odds. Mark and Jerome’s group were able to stop the attack and capture five of the bug ponies. The other teams had mixed results but all of them brought back corpses. He hoped that the prisoners would provide some clues.

Mark leaned close to the one way glass to watch.

Jerome walked into the room and sat down across the pony.

“My name is Jerome. What’s yours?” Jerome asked in a chatty tone of voice.

The pony just looked at Jerome with a sullen look on its face.

“What? No name, rank or serial number? I am sooo disappointed,” Jerome said sarcastically.

“You know, I do not have the time to play games. You either be a bit more chatty or...” Jerome threatened.

Mark didn’t understand what happened next.

The pony’s green eyes widened and it cringed away from Jerome. If it had not been chained up, the creature would be hugging the furthest wall from Jerome.

Jerome got up with a smile.

“Ya know, I will be back. I hope by then we can have a nice discussion,” Jerome said and walked out of the room.

When Jerome entered the viewing room, Mark asked him,”What the hell did you do to that prisoner?”

Jerome answered with a question,”What do you think happened?”

“Do not go there! Answer my question!” Mark replied with anger in his voice.

What did he do to that creature to make it react like that. He did not touch it.

Jerome glanced at the cowering prisoner,”Its complicated.”

“No, it is not,” Mark replied.

“If you think that I have some sort of secret knowledge, you are sooo wrong!” Jerome said after taking a sip of coffee.

“This is not normal, a lot does not make sense. There are no messages. No videos showing propaganda,” Mark said with frustration.

“Maybe this unknown Organization, UnOrg, in Dcore speak, does not care if we fear them or not. You know why we are here and my bosses do not care about local threats,” Jerome stated.

“I have this feeling that there is more going on than you or your boss, Sheila Hardwicke, is sharing,” Mark said with more anger. His fists were balled up. It took him a few seconds to relax his hands.

“Hey, point that anger somewhere else. You feel angry because you don’t understand what is going on. I only know a little bit more than you. Do you want to know what I know?” Jerome asked with a smile.

“Stop dancing! Just tell me what is going on!” Mark said with clenched fists again.
I am getting tired of this guy’s smiles.

“I am not really supposed to mention this,” Jerome said.

“Well. Go on!” Mark spat it out.

“My employers don’t want to mention the word “Magic”. People on this world have crazy ideas about it,” Jerome said.

Mark shook his head in denial, “Magic? There is no such thing.”

A flicker of annoyance crossed Jerome’s face.

Mark smiled on the inside, finally he managed to get under Mr. Smooth Salesguy’s skin.

“Yeah, Magic. Not just for purple cartoon unicorns and the mentally unstable or naive.

Magic is how we were able to get advanced intel about the next wave of attacks.

Magic is why you can see what Ms. Pink Halter top really looks like. The glass you were looking through has spells on it to reveal hidden things.

Magic is why she is able to fool people into thinking that she is a hot looking blonde.

Magic is how I was able to dump a little fear into the head of our guest. If I push harder, I can make her see and feel anything I want, ” Jerome finished his little speech with a few deep breaths to calm down.

“If you are right about magic, if it really exists. What about the attacks?” Mark asked.

“The attacks are not from enemies that want to just kill. I think they are harvesting something from people. I have sensed some sort of magical residue left over at the places where the bug ponies exploded their devices. If you want to kill people, you just kill them. There is something more about these devices. I wish that your bosses had listened to my boss and did not allow people back in the areas where the bombs exploded,” Jerome said.

“You think something is going to happen?” Mark asked.

“I don’t know but I would not risk it for at least a few weeks,” Jerome replied.

“What are you? Some sort of Psychic?” Mark asked.

“No! I am a wizard. My specialty is Enchantment, Mind based magic,” Jerome replied with annoyance.

“Stop before you start to ask me silly questions about pointed hats and staffs. Oh yeah, I stay out the minds of the folks I work with unless authorized.

To cut a long story short, the UnOrg is magic based. Do not mention this to your FBI coworkers,” Jerome said in a warning tone.

“You know, this sounds like a  load of bull,” Mark said with a bit of anger. His hands were balled up again.

Jerome sighed,”At least, can we keep working? Keep your eyes open and you will find something that might change your mind.”

Mark just stared at Jerome. After a second, he pointed at the interrogation room.

Jerome turned and went back into the interrogation room.

Mark watched as his partner sat down and started to question the cringing prisoner. Magic? Did Margot know about it and not tell me? Does this weird stuff ever end? I hope you are doing well Margot where ever you are.


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sevenofeleven Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
Yes, I will have more time to work on your stories on the weekend.
I should be able to knock them both out then.
Dawnrex15 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
How's the editing going?
Dawnrex15 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome, thank you. I had hoped I could have this chapter out by Monday, but don't stress yourself over it. You're not only my beta-reader, you're my friend as well.:hug:
Dawnrex15 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
(SORRY, BUT I'M DELETING YOU FROM MY LIFE! *clicks delete* LOADING... ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 99%................................ ERROR! It is impossible to delete our friendship. You mean so much to me! [Post this to 10 people's walls who you never want to lose. If you get 3 back, you're an amazing friend!])
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