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Aaron Weaver
United States
Current Residence: Behind the Italian restaurant, next to dumpster.
Operating System: Windoze/Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Skin of choice: My own skin
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Mooessey: Your Horsenal
  • Reading: Dairy of a wimpy alicorn
  • Watching: 24: Liver another day
  • Playing: Daring Doablo 2
  • Eating: Lays Siri Cha Cha chips
  • Drinking: Skeksis Ssweet Tea
This journal is for my watchers, they get a month of being featured.

Held My HandHeld my fragile hand
made out of glass as it was
melting in your grip
  Hanna's Diary (email)Details:
Corpse found 5th January, 7 pm, 20[hidden]
Name: Hanna [hidden]
Gender: Female
Age: [hidden]  
Time of Death: 22nd December, 1:30 am 20[hidden]
Cause of Death: Starvation/dehydration
Place: Under the floor boards of an abandoned house [hidden]
Murder: Under investigation
Found with: a laptop (Windows XP, Acer); had been mashed into chunks, only some data has been retrieved
Family: Police is searching for missing parents. Possibly an only child.
Email from me to Andrew [hidden]:
date: 7th January, 10 pm 20[hidden]
The research team has not told me much, but they said they needed this analyzed as soon as possible. The data that was retrieved from the laptop; a diary or a series of pictures/pages the girl had made during the time being locked down under the house. I need you to take a look at them and tell me the possible state of mind of hers. We need to know what happened to t

can you guess what it is? by chaotictheorist Introducing Melanie by chaotictheorist


abstract rain: ignored by kyri-IS-dark abstract rain: oil stain 1 by kyri-IS-dark 

The Unholy Bible by joeisbadass Sin by joeisbadass 

Poneis confusos by FacelessSoles Poneis zumbis by FacelessSoles 

Final Battle Alternate by PonyCleverBlue Immense Malice Plasticine by PonyCleverBlue 
Escape from the dead city - Part 1Part I                          
          Artemus opened the door, just wide enough to catch a glimpse of the road. Things were calm-he could not hear fighting or screaming. He couldn’t see any fires, which was good… but he couldn’t see any corpses either, and that was worrisome. He closed the door and leaned against the wall, sighing. He knew that he had to get out of here- out of this house, out of this neighborhood, out of this damn city. His only chance was to grab some supplies, a weapon, maybe a horse, and then head for the city gates at the north. He had already lost a lot of precious time because of all these roadblocks and panic, all these crazed people who had obviously never been in a battlefield or a pub brawl before. Most of them were dead now, of course, but that only made matters worse.
         He sighed again and looked around him. Whoe
  Escape from the dead city- Part II      The young man opened the curtains and looked down at the street. It was still filled with people, just aimlessly walking around with dirty clothes-blood mixed with mud, mud mixed with blood... Some of them looked like victims of the battlefield, with wounds either grievous or simple, but none of them seemed to care. They just wandered around, slowly and unsteady, without giving much attention to each other.
      The man rolled his eyes and closed the curtains. He sat cross-legged near the window he just closed and grabbed a bow. He raised his eyes and watched his sister sitting on a chair, carefully cutting clothes into rags. She was a pretty black-haired woman in her twenties, wearing simple but practical clothes.
      “Any changes?” she asked the man with the bow, without looking up. The clothes she cut looked rich and costly, most probably the clothes of the wealthy merchant and his family who once lived here.

The Fox PrinceThere once lived two brothers who were named: Akihiko and Daiki. They lived near the western edge of Japan.  Akihiko and Daiki lived in a quiet little village, just the way they liked it. The two were talented bakers, so good was in fact that it could even cure wounds from both soul and mind. The two brothers swore an oath to never tell anyone in the village about their gift of cooking. One day, a man came in wearing armor as red as blood. Around him were soldiers with the same armor, the people assumed they were from the local emperor. The leader of the village came out. “What do you need of us?” he asked one of the soldiers. “We need to find a healer, our master has been poisoned” the leader nodded. “But, why come here?” Asked the leader, “Your village was closer”
The leader didn't know what to do, the best healers of the village could do nothing to help the dying master. Daiki had an idea; he would give them some of his food so he


MLP: Viral Ch. 1"IPC"
    -Sweet Apple Acres: farm Outskirts
    "That's the third one this week!", Applejack shouted pointing a hoof at the horribly mutilated cow lying on the ground. "We can't allow this ta continue Mac, We need ta figure out who- or what's been killin' all our cows!"
"Eeyup" Big mac replied as he tied a rope around whatever he could find that was 'Stable' enough to be pulled, Aj watching silently tried holding back her tears.
"Whatever in equestria, would-... or could do something like this?" Applejack asked throwing her hooves in the air, Big mac shrugged calmly as he tightened the last ropes around his harness.  Sighing quietly, Aj slowly made her way over to mac trying to help.  
"Ah'm not sure how much uh this ah 'kin take Big mac".
Big mac looking rather down trodden sighed inwardly, "Ah know..."
"Just make sure ya put her someplace where the manticores won't git ta her..." Applejack requested as she moved away from her bro
  MLP - Rewriting time (Unfinished sample)"The end is now Celestia... All of Equestria will fall to our rule!" Chrysalis snapped maniacally at the Alicorn princess.
"Twilight and her friends WILL STOP YOU, ALL... OF YOU" Celestia snapped back struggling to keep herself standing on her hooves. "I... Will... Stop you"
"Stop us? Oh Celestia you always were so drab... Yet even you can surprise me every once in awhile" Discord said his head appearing from underneath the princesses neck piece. "I mean do you honestly think you and that ragtag group of inbred redneck students you call the elements of harmony could actually defeat us let alone attempt to reform ME... The avatar of chaos!"
"Yes, I DID... But now I know there is only one way to make sure your evil does not happen again!" Celestia spat. Discord laughed inwardly.
"Evil? Please I'm not the evil one... I just want to see the great and powerful princess of the sun fall to her knees as she watches her beloved Equestria burn" Discord said coldly. He turned away chuckling. "I m

Angels Ascended OCT: Gressil by NyxKnight 

Forever moreSkin sags and hangs
like sacks of meat,
off licked and chewed bones;
A smile flown away
but wings,
green and festering,
refuse to soar.
I suffer time’s slow crawl
Against the mud.
I wait from dusk to dust,
Until wine ages to a rot.
       And still,
           your kiss can't catch me
-Hana K

La Distillerie 2 by duytter

Creepypasta - The SafeYou wake up in a queen-sized bed, feeling a bit groggy. You vaguely remember your name, but don't remember what you've done, who you are, what you look like, or what you were doing in this hotel room. As you sit up, you study your surroundings a bit more carefully. You notice the usual hotel necessities: a TV that had been left on for whatever reason; a mini-fridge next to the door; a built-in closet by the door to the bathroom, and a wilted plant in the corner of the room. There's a faux-antique carpet on the floor, coated with all kinds of filth.
You look to your right, where you find a nightstand. On it, there's a digital alarm clock, showing 1:26 a.m. Next to it is your room key; somewhat rusted and bent. You slowly get up, pick up the key, and stick it into the keyhole to see if it still works. It doesn't.
As you return to the bed, you get this weird and empty feeling in your chest. You lie down in hope that it will go away after a while, but it never does. You decide to distract
 My Mane Six - Six Emotions by wholetthemonstersout

Healing-pod by Fobok Station Defense by Fobok

Straws   I used to play with straws when I was a kid.
    Despite our family's obvious comfortable financial status, my siblings and I, for some reason, lacked in toys. While others just replayed whatever toys they may have over and over again, I, for some really odd reason, became fixated with straws.
    It's a hobby I shared with no one, since it was odd for children my age to become fixated with straws, when they have their Hot Wheels and Jenga and UNOs, or if they're really lucky, a computer to play with.
    Straws, were in a way, my own toys to play with, something to indulge in my fleeting childhood interest in architecture and structures.
    The real reason I chose straws, however, is its cheapness and accessibility. You can get straws almost anywhere. The moment I finished my Slurpee, I'd wash the straw and keep it in a box. If I finished drinking a box of milk, the straw will be washed and stored in the same bo
  Vox PopuliIt was another day in Hell, with people going on their daily business, as they would normally do on a weekday. In the city square of hell, a group of demons are setting up a camera, with another holding a boom mic, and another demon wearing a sweater over his
shirt tested to see if his microphone is working. Another held a clipboard while looking at the time.
"Everything ready?" he asked, looking at the crew.
"Yeah, everything ready," the cameraman confirmed, before looking at the host. "You ready?"
"Just a sec," the host replied, brushing his clothes before standing in front of the camera,
and nodded. "Ready."
"Alright," the demon holding the clipboard said, "Everyone ready?, begin."
"Good evening and welcome to another episode of Hell's Issues," the host said, smiling professionally into the camera, the cameraman making sure he got the best of the host's profile.
"And we've discussed various topics throughout this season," the host continued, "and today's topic is..

Rim swap. by Mennorino Dark ones by Mennorino 

MeanI used to live a normal, happy life.
I used to go outside almost all the time.
Until one day…
“He” showed up.
His name is Randal.
Just Randal.
A lot of people spread rumours about him.
Some say that he came from the depths of Hell.
Others say that he’s the son of Satan himself.
At first I thought that was a bunch of trash.
But I quickly learned that those rumours might have been true.
For the first 3 weeks, he punished me for every little error he thought I did.
After the 3 weeks were over, I asked him a simple question:
“Why are you so mean?
What have I ever done to deserve such a fate as this?”
He only smiled and laughed at me.
He was never the big talker.
He always let his fists and feet do the talking for him.
Why Randal?
Why do you have to be this way?
Is it something that I did?
Was it the way that I drank my water?
Or was it the angle that I flicked my clothes out at?
Those people were right about you.
You truly ARE the son of Satan.
The Devi
  16 yearsDear Mom and Dad…
For 16 years, you took care of me.
For 16 years, you fed me and treated me with love, care and kindness.
For 16 years, you listened to whatever was on my mind.
For 16 years, you helped me through the rough times, and showed me the brighter side of life.
For 16 years, you still kept me, even if I was different and not like other kids.
For 16 years, we had arguments that were later solved with apologies, hugs and kisses.
For 16 years, you taught me how to always be nice to people, even if they weren’t nice back.
For 16 years, you spent your hard-earned money on gifts for me and my big brother.
And that is the reason…
         Why I love you…
         I love Mom and Dad…
         I hope you never EVER leave me…

Beyond the veil -Luna's dream by Cosmicscribbles Dancing of the leaves by Cosmicscribbles

What a terrible day to be raining. by lazyradly The Great Pony Race by lazyradly 

Hallways of Lilliput castle by OceanRailroader Anything for Prietess Eyrin by OceanRailroader 

Maerr Stjarna by Saphirefenix Forever Love by Saphirefenix 


Beauty and the Beast In honor of HR Giger by Art-of-DarkElegance Beautiful Death by Art-of-DarkElegance 

Possession by Size-And-Stupidity Post by Size-And-Stupidity 
Of Toilers and Targrass by MisterBlackwood  Desk Lamp by MisterBlackwood  

Prime Suspect by JaneIanniello Escapee by JaneIanniello 


1n3x01248l3 by -xxiv The Ugly Goat by -xxiv

The Great Stowaway by MudSlinger077 Glynda Goodwitch by MudSlinger077

Enders' Gate: New Book Cover and Golmech Design by EKKnight

A-Call-to-Arms  Help Stan Sakai!! by toegar Powergirl vs She Hulk 02 by toegar

Nearing the End by Ralij Sail Away by Ralij

Happy Birthday Alesha-Zee by dawnrex15

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