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Gleaner Chronicles
Chapter 5

Several weeks later
Dallas Dcore offices
Interrogation room six

Interrogation room six looked pretty much like five through one. A gray green room with a one way mirror window on one side, a desk with a computer and behind it some shelves and cabinets. Room six did have one different thing, a perplexed FBI agent.

Mark gazed through the one way glass into the interrogation room. Other than the prisoner, there was not much to see. Two cheap metal chairs and a gray metal table. A black bug like pony wearing a pink halter top waited with a glum look on its face. The creature had a silver and black torus on its horn. Mark knew that if he walked into the room, he would see a blonde woman chained to the table and floor. I have seen a lot of strange stuff but this is beyond that. Margot would probably be able to explain this. He thought about the day he lost her.

Mall of America
Several weeks earlier

When the wave of alien energy grabbed Margot and pulled her in, Mark wanted to go into the mall and get her out but fear held him back. He got as far as the closed door. A quick glance inside showed no bodies.

The comms went quiet. What happened to the other agents? Did they get out in time?

Mark had to reach out.

“This is Special Agent Mark Strickland. Is there anyone out there?” Mark asked through the headset.

Too few agents replied.

Then his comms was filled with a commanding voice, “This is SSA Monica Williams. All agents must keep the mall secure until local law enforcers get here. Until the Hazmat team has certified that this area is safe, no one is to enter the mall.”

Mark looked at his reflection and saw the small crowd moving up on him. He turned around. It seemed like a guy in a Red Sox baseball cap was the leader.

He walked up to Mark and said,”I need to get in there to get my wife. These people have loved ones in there too.”

“I’m sorry but no one can go in until the Hazmat team says its safe,” Mark replied.

“Well, it looks safe to me,” Baseball cap guy said aggressively after looking around Mark to see into the mall.

Mark could feel that the situation could slide into something worse but he had orders.

He took a step forward.

The crowd stepped forward too.

Mark drew his gun.

The crowd and baseball cap guy backed up a step. A second later, baseball cap guy had a determined look on his face.

Mark hoped he was not going to try to do something. The idea of having to shoot an unarmed civilian bothered him. The crowd behind baseball cap guy also made Mark uneasy.

At that moment, police cars and SWAT trucks arrived. Mark did not want to think what would have happened if he had to handle the crowd by himself.

Several days later
Washington D.C.
FBI Offices.

Mark looked at his new Dcore partner, Jerome Siklis. Something about the guy ticked him off. Slicked back dark brown hair, brown eyes and a big smile, Jerome seemed OK but something about this guy...

Jerome extended a hand, “Glad ta meetcha!”

While Mark shook his hand. Jerome reminded him of a pushy car salesman, someone with a glib reply for everything.

Mark started to miss Margot more.

Several weeks later
Dallas Dcore offices
Overview room for Interrogation room six

Jerome came in with a steaming cup of coffee and looked at the prisoner.

“Ya know, even with the fangs, she’s kinda cute looking,” Jerome mused while he placed his coffee on the table..

“You know, it could be male,” Mark replied but then regretted what he said.

“Nah, I checked, its female,” Jerome said with a smile.

Mark did not want to know how Jerome checked.

“Are you ready for some fun?” Jerome asked with an even larger smile.

Mark nodded yes. Jerome gave him a thumbs up. He left the room to go to the interrogation room.

Mark hoped that they would some useful intel from the prisoner. To him it seemed like things were going to get worse.

There was more bad news after the Mall of America attack. Several other places around the world suffered the same type of attacks. Dcore was able to pass on info about the next wave of attacks. Mark wondered how they knew.

No one could give him a straight answer when he asked. It did not take long before Mark got the hint to stop asking about it.

At least the intelligence was somewhat useful, it was sketchy as heck but Mark had worked with worse.

It was enough to even the odds. Mark and Jerome’s group were able to stop the attack and capture five of the bug ponies. The other teams had mixed results but all of them brought back corpses. He hoped that the prisoners would provide some clues.

Mark leaned close to the one way glass to watch.

Jerome walked into the room and sat down across the pony.

“My name is Jerome. What’s yours?” Jerome asked in a chatty tone of voice.

The pony just looked at Jerome with a sullen look on its face.

“What? No name, rank or serial number? I am sooo disappointed,” Jerome said sarcastically.

“You know, I do not have the time to play games. You either be a bit more chatty or...” Jerome threatened.

Mark didn’t understand what happened next.

The pony’s green eyes widened and it cringed away from Jerome. If it had not been chained up, the creature would be hugging the furthest wall from Jerome.

Jerome got up with a smile.

“Ya know, I will be back. I hope by then we can have a nice discussion,” Jerome said and walked out of the room.

When Jerome entered the viewing room, Mark asked him,”What the hell did you do to that prisoner?”

Jerome answered with a question,”What do you think happened?”

“Do not go there! Answer my question!” Mark replied with anger in his voice.

What did he do to that creature to make it react like that. He did not touch it.

Jerome glanced at the cowering prisoner,”Its complicated.”

“No, it is not,” Mark replied.

“If you think that I have some sort of secret knowledge, you are sooo wrong!” Jerome said after taking a sip of coffee.

“This is not normal, a lot does not make sense. There are no messages. No videos showing propaganda,” Mark said with frustration.

“Maybe this unknown Organization, UnOrg, in Dcore speak, does not care if we fear them or not. You know why we are here and my bosses do not care about local threats,” Jerome stated.

“I have this feeling that there is more going on than you or your boss, Sheila Hardwicke, is sharing,” Mark said with more anger. His fists were balled up. It took him a few seconds to relax his hands.

“Hey, point that anger somewhere else. You feel angry because you don’t understand what is going on. I only know a little bit more than you. Do you want to know what I know?” Jerome asked with a smile.

“Stop dancing! Just tell me what is going on!” Mark said with clenched fists again.
I am getting tired of this guy’s smiles.

“I am not really supposed to mention this,” Jerome said.

“Well. Go on!” Mark spat it out.

“My employers don’t want to mention the word “Magic”. People on this world have crazy ideas about it,” Jerome said.

Mark shook his head in denial, “Magic? There is no such thing.”

A flicker of annoyance crossed Jerome’s face.

Mark smiled on the inside, finally he managed to get under Mr. Smooth Salesguy’s skin.

“Yeah, Magic. Not just for purple cartoon unicorns and the mentally unstable or naive.

Magic is how we were able to get advanced intel about the next wave of attacks.

Magic is why you can see what Ms. Pink Halter top really looks like. The glass you were looking through has spells on it to reveal hidden things.

Magic is why she is able to fool people into thinking that she is a hot looking blonde.

Magic is how I was able to dump a little fear into the head of our guest. If I push harder, I can make her see and feel anything I want, ” Jerome finished his little speech with a few deep breaths to calm down.

“If you are right about magic, if it really exists. What about the attacks?” Mark asked.

“The attacks are not from enemies that want to just kill. I think they are harvesting something from people. I have sensed some sort of magical residue left over at the places where the bug ponies exploded their devices. If you want to kill people, you just kill them. There is something more about these devices. I wish that your bosses had listened to my boss and did not allow people back in the areas where the bombs exploded,” Jerome said.

“You think something is going to happen?” Mark asked.

“I don’t know but I would not risk it for at least a few weeks,” Jerome replied.

“What are you? Some sort of Psychic?” Mark asked.

“No! I am a wizard. My specialty is Enchantment, Mind based magic,” Jerome replied with annoyance.

“Stop before you start to ask me silly questions about pointed hats and staffs. Oh yeah, I stay out the minds of the folks I work with unless authorized.

To cut a long story short, the UnOrg is magic based. Do not mention this to your FBI coworkers,” Jerome said in a warning tone.

“You know, this sounds like a  load of bull,” Mark said with a bit of anger. His hands were balled up again.

Jerome sighed,”At least, can we keep working? Keep your eyes open and you will find something that might change your mind.”

Mark just stared at Jerome. After a second, he pointed at the interrogation room.

Jerome turned and went back into the interrogation room.

Mark watched as his partner sat down and started to question the cringing prisoner. Magic? Did Margot know about it and not tell me? Does this weird stuff ever end? I hope you are doing well Margot where ever you are.
Hooves Hands Claws
Chapter 9

Golden Morning's Flashback:
Demon Realm Test

Goldie knew this was it, she was playing for all of the marbles and any other toys she used when she was human. Too bad she was not in a playground where the playmates were not so rough.

It was not going well for her. She could not get any time to cast higher level spells, the minute she stopped moving to concentrate on a spell, the demon with the club would take a swing at her. A few close calls impressed on her that it would be over for her if she got hit. The good news was that the imp shaman was tired too. Goldie had to come up with a better plan than just running around and dodging swings.

She used her telekinesis and grabbed the objective as the shaman lunged at her. KAPOW! Goldie struck the imp a good blow to his face that would have sent his head flying like a baseball. The imp went careening back.

Take that!

Before the club demon could swing at her, Goldie struck the demon in the crotch with the lantern. The poor demon squeaked before she hit him in the head hard. Teeth and blood flew onto the ebony platform. The imp got back up but it was too dizzy to stand straight.

“Dieeee!” she screamed.

Goldie smashed the lantern into the imp's head until it was just mass of red mush. She looked over at the club demon, it was still holding its crotch and moaning with a bloody mouth.

“I got something for you!” Goldie said and she struck the demon again...

Golden Morning's Flashback:
Ponyville Mage Testing room

One second, Goldie was trying to force a demon's head through the cracked ebony floor and the next she was in a summoning circle being watched by a bunch of cheering ponies.

“You can show some decorum now!” Brightstar exclaimed.

“Did I pass?” Goldie asked.

Brightstar was still annoyed at how things worked out. Again, he wondered about Earth. What type of ponies neglected their magic for physical attacks, he thought.

“Yes! You have passed and it was quite a show!” Firestorm the pegasus mage enthused. He was so excited, his wings were half unfurled.

“Well, Brightie, she has done what is required!” Firestorm stated in an amused voice.

“There was nothing in the rules that the subject should use the objective as a weapon. A unicorn with better magic skills would have been able to complete the test with less carnage,” Brightstar replied with disdain.

“That is true but there is nothing in the rules that forbade it either. She got the objective as requested. I vote that she passed!”  Firestorm said and faced the other ponies in the room.

“Do you agree with me?” Firestorm asked.

A chorus of ayes and yeses rang out.

Goldie watched the proceedings. She tried to stop bouncing up and down but the adrenalin going through her veins made it hard.

Brightstar closed his eyes for a second. He sighed.

“Fine, Golden Morning, you have passed this test and are now an Advanced Unicorn,” Brightstar said with a smile.

“Advanced Pony in Demon Butt kicking! Did you see her smash the groin of that demon? I felt that!” Some pony enthused in the background.

Goldie stepped out of the summoning circle and faced Brightstar.

“You were watching me?” She asked.

“Yes. Against my wishes, Firestorm brought some of his friends to watch. He found your exploits... entertaining,” Brightstar said.

“You should go to the cafeteria after you wash up. A special meal will be prepared for you,” Brightstar said and bowed.

Goldie pushed her way through the throng of ponies. She felt excited and tired. After a quick snack, a good rest would be good. Finally after what seemed like hours in stink and heat, she was moving on!
How Insensitive by sevenofeleven
How Insensitive
She had curves that would not stop!
Too bad the affair did.

Proper song…

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Lightwave 9.x


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