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Agarwal Houses

Dinnertime was different today, it was quiet almost somber. Shobbi wondered if someone died or something, then it hit her. Her normally chatty sister, Lakshmi was not filling the silence with her chatter. Even if Shobbi was uninterested in the subjects her sister brought up, the conversations brightened up the dining room.

Shobbi eyed her parents carefully, they knew something wasn't right. They kept glancing at each other to see who would break the silence. That didn't happen, Lakshmi finished eating and slunk off to her room. Shobbi finished the last bits of tandoori chicken on her plate then she stood up. Her mother gave her a nod. Shobbi left the table to talk to her sister.

Except for the open closet doors, the sisters' rooms were totally different. Lakshmi had colorful posters of boybands on her walls while Shobbi was OK with her plain walls. A look of fear crossed Lakshmi's face as she closed her closet door when Shobbi stood in the doorway.

"Are you OK, Laki?" Shobbi asked with concern in her voice as she stepped into the room.

"Yeah, I just feel a little tired," Lakshmi said while fearfully glancing at the closet door. She sat on her bed while her brown eyes kept the door under constant scrutiny. Shobbi sighed, she really didn't want to talk about her dreams.

"Laki, do you, um, have dreams about something in the closet?" Shobbi said.

"Dreams about a closet? No way," Lakshmi replied too quickly, but the fear in her brown eyes as she glanced at the closet door again said yes.

Lakshmi's eyes told most of the story, but Shobbi wondered if she should push her sister to open up about her dreams or not. The idea of forcing her sister to face something that Shobbi was reluctant to face was repugnant.

"Well, Laki if you ever need to talk, I'm here," Shobbi offered.

For a brief second, the life returned to her sister's face. "Thanks."

Shobbi returned to her room and saw that the closet door was open. For a second, instead of fear, anger filled her heart. She slammed the door closed. Shobbi could feel that time was running out.


Jerida County Police Station

For a police station in a large city, Shobbi was expecting more chaos, but it was just like a big office with no air conditioning. Large silvery fans thrummed in the background pushing hot air around. The hum of conversations filled the air. Posters of wanted criminals lined the blue walls. Shobbi managed to stifle a yawn as she sat behind a large man near Constable Paranamurana's desk.

"Constable Paranamurana, we really should discuss my findings!" The heavyset man said. The chair creaked as he shifted his weight. Shobbi did not want to eavesdrop, but the conversation was interesting and sitting around waiting for Constable Paranamurana was not.

Constable Raki Paranamurana shook a handful of folders in the man's face. "I'm sorry but I have a lot of work to do and I don't have the time for this. You can leave your info on my desk and I promise to get back to you."

"No no no, there is very little time left. If you do not listen to me, there could be serious consequences!" The man said.

Raki placed the folders on her untidy desk. Stacks of papers threatened to fall all over the place, but somehow they didn't. "Who are you again?" She asked.

The man's eyes widened in surprise. "You have forgotten my name already? Fine. My name is Akanksha Bhalla. I was the assistant architect responsible for building the Agarwal Houses. The head architect, his name is poison to me, made some very strange adjustments to the design of Building One," Akanksha said. Shobbi leaned in closer to hear what Akanksha had to say.

A look of fear crossed Raki's face. She remembered that terrible night in which she chased a wounded rapist through dark hallways smelling of piss and futile hopes. Raki wondered how the man was able to get away with several bullets in him. The houses were in better shape now, but she still would not visit.

"I can see by the look on your face, you remember that night. Time is growing short and I fear something terrible is going to happen. You must listen to me!" Akanksha said.

Raki sighed. "Okay, what do you know about that night?"

"I only know what I read in the papers, but I do know that the blueprints for several apartments that were filed are wrong. I have the original blueprints." Akanksha said while he dug through his paperwork. At that moment Raki's eyes met Shobbi's.

Raki's eyes narrowed. "Excuse me miss, but this is a private conversation!"

Shobbi ignored Raki and focused on Akanksha. "Excuse me but do you have a list of apartments with the modifications?"

He answered with a nod. "Give me a second. Oh, here it is. 6J, 5J, 4J, its all of the J apartments leading down to the basement."

The news that Shobbi's apartment was one of the changed apartments did not come as a surprise, deep down she was expecting it. "I live in apartment 5J."

Akanksha frowned. "I wish you well, and hope this can be dealt with soon. There is a passage that leads down beyond the basement to a section of an ancient ruin. I wish I could tell you more, but my cursed predecessor's notes are an illegible mess."

"Maybe we can-" Raki started but a glance at Akanksha stopped her.

"He no longer speaks or accepts visitors at the sanitarium," Akanksha said.

Raki looked at Shobbi and Akanksha then she looked up. A second later she looked back at them. "Mr. Bhalla, can I have the blueprints and the apartment list? Also I can use the notes too."

"No, I will not give you the originals, but you can make as many copies as you wish." Akanksha said. Raki gestured at a secretary. She walked up to Raki.

While Raki was giving the secretary instructions on copying the documents from  Akanksha, Shobbi decided to find out why he was so emphatic about showing Raki the blueprints.

"Mr. Akanksha, why is it so important that you show Raki the blueprints now?" Shobbi said.

A look of fear crossed Akanksha's face and he looked away. "Sorry but I won't discuss it." For some reason the jade amulet felt warm against Shobbi's skin. She just knew that Akanksha was having nightmares.

"Was it the nightmares?" Shobbi said.

Akanksha looked back at Shobbi with wide brown eyes. He whispered,"They're awful. Please stop it. Stop them."

Raki caught a bit of the exchange. "Stop what, Mr. Bhalla?"

Akanksha just shook his head. He faced away from Raki and Shobbi until the original documents returned. His hands shook as the documents were put back in their folders. He gave Raki and Shobbi a deep bow. "G-good Luck." Akanksha left them as fast as his feet would allow. Seeing the frightened man rush away made a chill rush down Shobbi's back.

"Well, there goes a frightened man. So miss? I didn't catch your name," Raki said.

Shobbi turned and faced Raki. "My name is Shobha Srikanth, my friends call me Shobbi." Raki nodded.

"What are we going to do?" Shobbi said.

"We? I am a trained Constable. I will deal with this problem. Since you live in one of the modified apartments, I might have to have you placed in a safe house with another constable for your protection. The list of modified apartments matches the apartments where there were incidents," Raki said.

"I don't want to seem ungrateful, but what makes you think that you can deal with..." Shobbi said.

Raki's eyes narrowed. "I almost had him, I won't fail again." Again Shobbi felt the warmth of the amulet. She really didn't want to argue with Raki, but then again if she fails...

"You were alone the last time and he got away. It might happen again if you are alone," Shobbi said.

Raki's mind went back to the stinking hallway and the tense chase. She was out of breath, and it seemed that the rapist had escaped her. A quick glance around just showed filthy yellow walls covered with obscene scrawls of graffiti. Raki took some steps down the trash strewn corridor before she came to an intersection.

Left, right or forward, those were her choices. Raki knew that if she picked the wrong one she wouldn't be able to catch the rapist, and get justice for the victims and their families. All of the choices were lit by fitfully blinking lights. Despair filled Raki's heart, but then she felt like she was being watched.

Raki looked to her left, and there was an old lady wearing a house dress standing next to her. It seemed very strange that the woman would just appear. Raki was sure she didn't hear her approach then she focused on the task at hand.

"Grandmother, did you see a large man? Maybe he is bleeding from some wounds?" Raki asked while wondering where the woman came from. Something about that made Raki feel uneasy. The old woman smiled and thrust out a bony arm toward the left corridor. Something about the almost toothless smile managed to reduce the despair in Raki's heart. Raki ran down the left corridor when she reached the end, she took one hurried glance back. The old woman was gone.

"Ms. Paranamurana, are you OK?" Shobbi's voice brought Raki back to the packed noisy police station.

Raki knew deep down that she had help. After a few more doors, she found blood smeared on the walls. Also there was a lot on the floor. So much, Raki began to doubt that her quarry would be alive much longer. Considering what he did to his victims, death would be a fitting punishment. Unfortunately, Raki and several teams of detectives couldn't find his body.

Shobbi took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Now she was going to tell a stranger something she wouldn't tell her mother. "Ms. Paranamurana something in my closet is going to get me. It has even started to mess with my sister. I need your help to get rid of this thing."

"I don't know what I can do, I am just a constable. If your "something" is flesh and blood, I can help. If it's something else..." Raki said while looking away from Shobbi. Shobbi could hear fear in Raki's voice, she was scared and just wanted to not deal with this problem.

"You and I together can stop this thing. Don't do this by yourself or ignore it. Imagine what Mr. Bhalla must have gone through to come here and warn you," Shobbi said as she tried to convince Raki.

Raki thought about saying no, but she remembered the nightmares filled with cold mocking laughter. The nights she would awake covered with sweat while an impotent anger was in her heart.

"Alright, Shobbi, I will help you. I will take the lead on this. You will listen to me and not do anything without my say so. Do you understand?" Raki said. Shobbi nodded.

"Please take a seat while I make arrangements for our little outing," Raki said with a flippant tone. Shobbi looked around and wondered about what was going to happen next. Raki's tone was not fooling her, they both were scared.


Agarwal Houses
Parking lot.

Riding in the back of a police car was a new experience for Shobbi, but after driving through streets and seeing people give her nasty looks, she couldn't wait to get out of the car. It seemed like some folks thought that she was a criminal.

For a second, Shobbi imagined being public enemy number one then she remembered why she was in the back of the car. Raki managed to get another constable to help her, Nirav Ahuja. He was an attractive man, but Shobbi sensed a degree of coldness about him. It didn't help that Raki and Nirav started arguing about having Shobbi help out. Shobbi had never heard the word civilian spoken with such disdain. Raki barely won the argument.

Now, they were in Building One's parking lot. The sun was going down in a blaze of orange. Nirav suggested doing a sound check with their walkie's. Raki agreed. Then Raki led the way with Nirav following and Shobbi bringing up the rear. Shobbi wondered what her mother would say when she saw her daughter with two constables. That question was going to be answered real soon as Shobbi unlocked the door and walked into her apartment with the two cops.

Her mother came in from the living room and saw the constables. "Shobha, what have you done?"

Raki smiled. "Your daughter is helping us with an investigation."

Nirav turned to Shobbi. "Shobha, please show us your room."

Shobbi grimaced, it was bad enough that her mother used her full name when she thought Shobbi was in trouble. Nirav didn't want to use her nickname either.

"It's this way," Shobbi said as she pointed down the hallway.

As usual, the closet door was ajar, but this time Shobbi was not afraid. She was not sure why though. Nirav eyed Shobbi's room with thinly veiled disgust while Raki was noncommittal.

"Shobbi, can you remove your clothes please?" Raki asked.

Shobbi looked at the closet and nodded. It took her a few minutes to take out her clothing and place it on the bed. Nirav stood behind Raki as she rapped on the wall. As Shobbi expected, there were no hollow spots.

"Well, Raki, now what?" Nirav asked with a bored tone of voice.

An image of a gaping hole in the closet floor filled Shobbi's mind. "Maybe the floor has a loose board or something?"

Raki looked at the boxes and shoes. She looked at Shobbi. Shobbi rushed over and grabbed the shoes and boxes. Soon the area around her bed looked like she was moving out. Shobbi had a thought that maybe she would have to move again if they fail to stop whatever was coming for her. Raki hit the floor and smiled. She fumbled around a bit until she was able to pull up a black wooden floorboard. The smell of old decaying blood arose from the hole.

Reva stuck her head in the doorway. "What is that terrible smell?"

Nirav wrinkled his nose. "It seems that your daughter has found something interesting."

Reva fixed her gaze on Shobbi. "We will talk later, daughter."

Shobbi looked away from her mother to watch Raki's progress. She had been able to pull up enough boards to create a hole large enough for anyone to fit in. Then she took out her flashlight and shone it down the hole.

"There is a ladder leading down to the next apartment. Nirav, can you go downstairs and get the people there to clear their closet?"

"Yes, Raki. Call me when you're ready," Nirav said as he left the room.

Shobbi noticed that his coldness was replaced by excitement.

Raki turned to Shobbi. "I'm not comfortable with letting you help us, but I have a feeling that you might be helpful. Please listen to me and stay close."

Shobbi nodded.

Reva stepped into the room. "Be careful Shobbi."

Raki climbed into the hole. Shobbi waited for her signal to climb in.

"Carefully grab the first rung and let's get this done," Raki said, she seemed annoyed. When Shobbi touched the cold metallic ladder, it felt slimy. It was really dry, but Shobbi wanted to wipe her hands on something clean. The old blood stink was more intense too.

For a few seconds, Shobbi's courage failed. She thought about all of the awful things that could happen to her, but then the voice of the creature in the laundromat came to her. No, I will do this, Shobbi resolved. With a deep breath, she swung her legs into the hole and started down.

It was mostly dark except for Raki's flashlight. Shobbi just focused on climbing down the ladder. There was not much to see except for dusty red bricks when Raki shone the flashlight up the ladder.

After what seemed to be hours of climbing down a ladder in the dark, she arrived at apartment 4J. Several curious people waved at her as she climbed down. These people seem nice, maybe I can visit them later, she thought.

3J on the other hand was just some old guy's apartment, he just peered at Raki and Shobbi as they climbed down.

2J was owned by a fighter, he glared at them. "You will pay for all of the damage?"

Nirav's angry voice sounded out behind the guy. "Yes yes, the police department will pay."

"Raki, wait while I go down to 1J and warn them," he said while placating the guy on 2J. Shobbi could not see anything while she stayed on the ladder.

"Are you okay Shobbi?" Raki said.

"I am fine," Shobbi replied.

After what seemed like hours on the ladder, Raki said they could continue. Shobbi just climbed down and wished that it would be over soon. Nirav climbed down ahead of Raki then Shobbi climbed down past apartment 1J. Shobbi didn't like climbing down past 1J, the ladder felt more slimy. A feeling that she was in great danger rose up in her heart. She started to say something when a dark wind smelling of old blood surrounded her. Shobbi tried to hold onto the ladder, but her hands were numb and powerless. The last word she heard before darkness took her was "Soon!"
Another year gone and a new one awaits.

I went by the JibJab site to see if they have anything for 2015. Didn't see anything. Anyway, these folks make some great year in review animations. Maybe they are just late.

What did I do this year?
Wow! The crickets are pretty loud here.

Next year, I resolve to do something amazing or at least something memorable.
Yeah, in 2016, I will chew ass and kick bubble gum! Okay, bubble gum is a pain to kick, it just gets stuck on my shoes.

Happy New Year!
Path of Exile

Path of Exile is the name of a game that I have been playing for a few weeks. It looks like Diablo 2 with the bright red health globe on the left side, and the blue mana globe on the right. The graphics are more like Diablo 2/Lord of Destruction than Diablo 3. It's grittier and darker. To dismiss this game as a Diablo clone would be a disservice, there are a lot of things that are different and interesting under the hood.

I heard about this game after seeing a video going over why Diablo 3 breaks wrongly from the other two Diablo games. I didn't agree with the guy's video, but I decided to give this game a try. Its a 5 gb download. Don't expect to be playing right away because there are updates to be downloaded too. After that is done, then you might be able to play.

One big change from the Diablo games is that there is no money in the game. You can't walk up and buy a new sword with a hundred gold. Nope, you have to barter for that sword. Got an orb of Transmutation? You have a new sword. Though in the early stages of the game, your weapons are rusty, but still serviceable. Later stages or Acts as they call them in the game feature better weapons. At the start its driftwood and corroded, rusty stuff.

If you have a pile of junk you picked up, you can barter and get Scrolls of Wisdom which are id scrolls or portal scrolls. Portal scrolls take you to the nearest town. Depending on what you barter with, you can get different items. Scrolls of Wisdom are also used as money too.

One good thing POE shares with Diablo 3 is the stash that is shared across chars. Its the best way to get cool weapons in the hands of chars you make in the game. Also sometimes you find orb shards, bits of an orb. Combine enough shards and you have a full orb. There are a lot of different orb types. One orb will update a normal item to a magical item. Another orb will take a normal item and turn it into a rare item. One orb will randomly change the abilities of an item. Also some orbs are used as money too. I will talk more about orbs later.

You start the game and pick a character class, there are seven but one is not pickable from the start. You have to do something heroic near the end of one act to get that char.

Witch Magic user, uses intelligence.
Marauder Fighter, uses strength.
Ranger Bow master, uses dexterity.
Templar Fighter with spell casting abilities.
Duelist Melee fighter with dexterity.
Shadow Melee fighter with intelligence.
Scion Can use intelligence, dexterity and strength in any mix.

There are also three main attributes, Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity.
Each of these are assigned a color, Strength is red, Intelligence is blue and Dexterity is green. Its important to have these colors down because your wearable items except for rings and amulets have one or more sockets. Later acts add more sockets. These sockets are for skill gems, gems that hold your abilities. Want to cast fireballs? You will need a gem and a matching colored socket for that. Skill gems don't work sitting in your inventory. They work in your wearable item's matching sockets. The good news is that skill gems level up when you have them equipped. Even skill gems you don't use but have equipped level up.

Its a flexible system, if you find some better abilities later, you can remove the old skill gems for new ones. There is more to skill gems. Recently they added support gems. These gems enhance skill gems they are linked to. Besides having to make sure you have the right colored sockets, you may have to worry about having linked sockets.

There is an orb that will change the color of a socket (Chromatic Orb), but its kinda random which sucks. You have to trade a lot of other types of orbs to get a Chromatic orb. The Orb of Fusing is used to link up sockets, but it is also random. It could link up all of your sockets or take away links that you already have. Then you have to buy another one or wait until you get one from a loot drop. If you have all of your sockets the right color and linked, then you can put an ability and two support gems next to it.

One of my chars has Glacial Hammer, an ability that freezes enemies and shatters them into icy blocks. I added an area damage support gem and now my char can freeze and shatter enemies in an area in front of him. Support gems like skill gems also level up when equipped. Skill gems come in Red, Blue and Green. It is possible to use gems that don't support your class. A Marauder could use a fire trap spell, he just has to keep his dexterity high. This brings up the passive attributes.

Passive attributes are ones that the char just uses without having to pick them, they also include the main three attributes. You get one point when your char levels. That is done with a bright golden flash and a choir. There are so many choices. If you have a melee char, you could decide to use that point to raise your char's strength or raise elemental resistances, health regeneration, elemental damage, damage over time or other abilities.

Unlike Diablo 3 in which different classes have special abilities powered by different things like rage, chi or wrath, all chars in POE just use mana. Putting a few points in mana regen or raising the mana level is good for your char. There are no mana potions other than the flasks on your char's belt. Flasks fill up in towns and also in battle. If your char keeps fighting and does not get hit, he/she will have full flasks. While health potions in D3 have a cooldown, there are no cooldowns for flasks in POE.

There are a lot more things in the game that I did not cover like the Masters and Hideouts. The game supports PVP and also multiplayer.

Stuff I like about POE:

1. A lot of the regions have tons of atmosphere. I find myself creeping along in areas so my char does not get mobbed by enemies.

2. There are a wealth of options for customizing chars by using skill gems and the passive tree.

3. Each area has its own artwork, the Marketplace looks much different than the wet and almost gray Docks.

4. The voice acting helps to bring out the character of the NPCs.

5. Boss fights except for two exceptions are doable. There are no one hit kills. If you don't do anything dopey and keep your eyes open, you have a good chance.

The first exception was this fast moving snake boss that also fired spikes downward. I spent too much time watching it zip around.

The second exception was when my char got trapped up some stairs. The boss basically smacked her up. If you keep moving and dodging attacks you will be fine.

6. Totems are basically turrets that can heal your char or do other things. Decoy totems can piss off monsters and draw their attention. Some totems can cast spells or use ranged attacks. There are also items in the passive skill tree to improve the totem's effectiveness.

Totem and traps have a lot of depth on what effects and spells you can apply to them. Its even possible to have a trap generate a totem. Also depending on the support gem, you can add a special effect like extra cold damage to the totem or traps attacks.

7. Enemies use the same skills you do. You can see the effectiveness of certain skills when they are used against you. Firestorm's power can be seen when a mini boss in the first act uses it against your char. Also spells you use from the start still keep their usefulness in later Acts.

Stuff I don't like:

1. Staring at an almost black page with the Grinding Gears logo on it while the game loads. Come on guy and girl why don't you do something with that empty space? Show first person scenes from areas in the game or maybe some tips and hints not shown in the loading screens.

2. The game needs to show and explain things more. I put points in for accuracy and more criticals, but I have no idea that they work. There is no feedback on that. In D3, you can tell if your char is doing crits when you see golden numbers.

The wording on some support gems should be clearer on what they do or how they do it. Your skill gems level up, but you don't know what's getting better.

Yes, there is a wiki, but if you are in the game its not strange to expect to get info from the game. This is something D3 does well. Its real easy to tell if an item is better than what you equipped.

In Act 2, you get to meet Catarina, a master who is into dead things. When you meet her, she wants you to bring to her some corrupted creatures that you have to reanimate. I figured that I needed the zombie spell to do that so I ignored her. Only one of my chars had the zombie spell. It ends up that all you have to do is to click on the glowing green circle to reanimate the dead creatures. Any char can do that.

Somehow, this info should be in game so players know what to do.

3. If you have one set of weapon(s) for regular enemies and another set for elites and bosses, you can switch between them, but the mapping of skills gets screwed up. Its like the game forgets your mapping when you switch weapon sets. Its really annoying to have one set for elites and switch back and find out you are using the default weaker attack instead of what you mapped for your regular set.

Its pretty annoying to be pissing around with the default attack when you had mapped a better attack before.

4. Loot drops are kinda “meh”. A big part of that is sockets. Unless the weapon is way better than what I have, I will not bother with it. I leave so much loot on the ground, I expect the cops to give me tickets for littering.

Upgrading equipment is a pain. The sockets have to be the same colors as the current equipment or you have to change them. Chromatic orbs work randomly, maybe you will get the right colors in one click or five Chromatic orbs later. Run out of Chromatic orbs? Then you have to get other orbs and trade them for Chromatic orbs. Once you get the right colored sockets, you may have to worry about linking the sockets.

Have a skill gem and two support gems, then you need to link them up. Orbs of Fusing will link up your sockets or take away links. They work randomly too.

I did not cover finding weapons and armor with one socket, yes, there is an orb that will add more sockets but I don't bother with stuff that does not have the right amount of sockets.

Imagine having to do that for all of your equipment. What a pain.
I really care about linking and socket colors for weapons. I don't care that much for armor. It is important if you want a skill that you can use all the time like summoning a totem.

5. There needs to be more feedback for certain skills.
In the game, there are skill gems that give abilities that supposed to work automatically. You don't do them. One of them is Riposte, when its charged, your char retaliates on his own. I have no idea if its working.

6. The Automap sucks.
In one level, it left out all of the barricades. That area is blank, but you can see the barricades in the level.

In another level, its hard to tell what you are walking on. Is the white stuff the walls and I am walking on the black, wait, I am walking on white stuff too.

In some areas, the map works fine.

7. Monsters are sooo rude.

There are these quest giving NPCs called Fallen Masters. They like to camp out in the middle of monster town. Make sure you clear the area before having a chat or monsters will gnaw on you while you are talking.

8. Hitting the escape key in the middle of the game because of Life does not pause the game. Head back to town.

9. The game forgets your password from day to day.

10. This is not a dislike, but more of an observation. In D3, you can get extra xp by killing a group of enemies in one blow or smashing a lot of things. POE does not care. No extra xp there if you kill ten enemies with one blow or spell.

They patch the game a lot so some of the things I complain about may be fixed. The game is stable. I have had few crashes or disconnects back to the loading screen. Any goodies my chars pick up are still in the inventory.

At first glance POE seems to be a Diablo clone, but it has a lot of depth. Now I think more about the passive tree and what skills I want my chars to have. Diablo 3 gives you some power to make the char you want, but POE gives more power.

The story is interesting and the later acts add more things to do. The writers have spent some time to make a whole world with books and etchings to give the player some idea what has happened. Some books and etchings are read aloud and they sound great. Don't forget to check out the wind carved stones, the story of Kaom is a tragic read.

The game has a store with micro transactions but, I have found that the game is fine for free. I have played one game and they based buying armor and health off of gems that can be bought with real money or by finding them in game. That can be a pain to grind around for gems to buy better equipment.

I would recommend this game to folks that like a good click and kill game like the earlier Diablo games. The POE Wiki even has a section for Diablo 3 players.


Aaron Weaver
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Another year gone and a new one awaits.

I went by the JibJab site to see if they have anything for 2015. Didn't see anything. Anyway, these folks make some great year in review animations. Maybe they are just late.

What did I do this year?
Wow! The crickets are pretty loud here.

Next year, I resolve to do something amazing or at least something memorable.
Yeah, in 2016, I will chew ass and kick bubble gum! Okay, bubble gum is a pain to kick, it just gets stuck on my shoes.

Happy New Year!

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