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The Unicarnivs

Hot fetid air blew up at Sarah Collins and messed with her mousy brown hair. The smell of the subway hit her nose. Sarah sighed just like every day after five or later when she went to this train station. All it needed was some red skinned demons to come screeching up the stairs to make the scene complete.

Yep, I am descending into Hell again, she thought. The bright yellow June sun gave way to the gloom and fluorescent lights of the 59th street stop. Her old assed laptop pulled at her back like the weight of her barely remembered sins. Seriously, I need to lay off of the religious thinking now, its just a too hot subway stop.

She fumbled through her brown purse for her metrocard while two tourists on cellphones jabbered away. The damned things were so loud, Sarah could hear the the folks on the other end. Finally, she slid the card through the slot on the turnstile and walked through.

Sarah swept her eyes over the station. Tourists stood in a group while other people stood pawing at their smartphones. She was putting the metrocard back in her wallet when something roughly brushed her arm. Brown eyes wide with fear, Sarah looked around the train station until she realized it was just some guy's backpack. She managed to push back the scary images in her mind of what could happen to a young woman in the subway. Thanks Ma!

While Sarah walked to the million step stairs, she passed by a bunch of posters of missing people. One poster showed an old guy with a cigarette sticking out of his mouth while he leaned on a metal crutch. Another picture was just a headshot of some overconfident jogger. His smile seemed a mile wide. The last picture really got Sarah's attention. It showed a slightly blurry picture of a harried mother with a baby in a three wheeled stroller.I wonder what happened to these people? Sarah sighed, she knew that she would never find out what happened to them.

She took a left turn and went down the too long staircase. Seriously, I could have gone past Hell by now, she thought as she stepped down from the fifth landing. More stairs filled her view. Sarah grimaced and carefully picked her way down the trash filled stairs. A misstep would cause quite a tumble.

Without health insurance, they would have to take her out back and shoot her like a lame horse. Even if they did not do that, the bills would probably make her grab the gun and put herself down. Sarah shook her head to clear it of her morbid musings. Finally, her feet touched the floor of the express train platform.

One more quick look around, it does not hurt to be aware and she headed to the end of the platform. Her mother had warned about taking a seat in the front or rear of the train, but its been a long day.

I am risking my life to put my butt in a seat when I have spent most of my day in a chair. Makes a lot of sense.

The answer to that thought was a quick screw you.

A cool breeze played with the hair on the back of her head. For a second, anger rose up in Sarah's heart as she turned around. What she saw made her blink in surprise.

Instead of a crappy mutilated poster for something Sarah could not afford, there was gateway to a forest. The cool refreshing breeze came from there but that was not the most interesting thing. A cute white unicorn stood in front of a tree waving its hoof like it was inviting her.

It had a white coat, bright blue eyes and a black curly mane. Then the unicorn winked at Sarah.

She took one step toward the creature when the sound of someone bitching about the stairs made Sarah look away. When she looked back, the trees and unicorn were gone.

A hot steamy wind blew over Sarah as the silver train pulled into the station. She glanced one more time at the place where she saw the trees before she pushed her way onto the crowded train for her hour of being shoved and smacked by backpacks.

This was one of the bad rides back home. For some reason, people were more surly, that made the game of 'Avoid my eyes' even worse. Some guy pushed past so hard, his backpack hit her like a vicious smack. At least the train was air conditioned, she thought. Sarah held that small comfort close while she tried not to get deafened by a group of extra noisy teenagers.

When the train stopped at her station, Sarah took a calming breath like when a warrior prepares for battle then she pushed her way to the doors. They opened with a hiss. Without a pause, she thrust her way through the teeming throng waiting to enter the already crowded train like a salmon swimming upstream.

Like the salmon when it reaches its spawning grounds, Sarah took some time to calm down. Unlike the salmon, she was thinking of Chinese food for dinner and maybe tv afterward. Also unlike the salmon, Sarah was probably not going to spawn and die.

Her evening ended up being deathly dull. There was nothing new on tv she wanted to watch so she just clicked through channels until her eyes started to close. When she missed half of something that was somewhat interesting, Sarah dragged her tired body to bed.

Then her eyes refused to close. The unicorn at 59th street occupied her thoughts. It was so cute. If she met a guy that had pale skin and blue eyes like that, well, that would be cool. No, that would be hot! A blush covered her face. Somehow Sarah thought that the unicorn was male. She slipped off to sleep thinking about unicorns and cool refreshing forests.

Sarah awoke with a blush on her face, that faded along with the strangely arousing dream. The unicorn was in it but then the dream was gone. She shrugged and prepared for the shovey pushy noisy morning which would lead to a screamy crazy no definite specs but we want it yesterday workday. Whee!

At the end of the too long workday, Sarah stepped onto the express platform and marveled at the crowd of people waiting for the train. An announcement blared about a 'Police action at 42nd Street and service was delayed'. She was hoping to see the unicorn again but with all those people around it probably would get scared.

With a sigh, she moved to the front of the platform. Several people blocked her view of the area where she saw the unicorn. Then some guy walked next to Sarah, he turned and faced the wall. She heard liquid splashing. I guess its better than doing it on yourself. Sarah had been used to the pissy smell of that area that she did not smell it anymore, now she had a reminder.

The rest of the evening slid toward the toilet that the guy should have used. Nothing new to watch on tv and she knocked her dinner on the floor by accident. After the cleanup, even though she was a bit hungry, Sarah just went to bed. Deep down, she was hoping for another unicorn dream.

Unicorn Dreams

Well, she kinda got what wanted but there was just too much fear to these dreams. In one dream, her boss was a unicorn and he would poke her with his sharp horn when Sarah stopped typing.

The last dream she remembered was the worst. Sarah was in a subway car filled with mangy unicorns. They were making horse like noises into cellphones while the other ones stood and stared sullenly at Sarah. The car was filled with the smell of dirty sweaty fur. It was almost enough to make her cough, but she managed not to. Then the train pulled up at her stop. Sarah got up from her seat and started thrusting her way through the herd. That earned her several painful stabs from needle sharp horns. She hissed at the pain and the warm feeling of blood dripping down her back and sides. Then the subway doors opened.

A large herd of filthy unicorns eyed her with malice before one reared up and pushed Sarah back. She barely dodged the stomping hooves of the unicorns getting on the train before getting up. The subway doors closed. Loss filled her heart, she was never going home!


Sarah awoke with tears drying on her cheeks. It took her several minutes before she could get up and begin her morning routine. As the dreams faded from her memory, she began to feel better.

At the 59th street station

When Sarah left her job, it was almost 7:30. A sullen rage filled her. She wanted to take her mouse cable and tie it around the neck of "Wee" Rowena McAlison. Sarah could imagine pulling the wire tight until the annoying client's pink sharp tongue turned purple. Yes, the tongue would go well with her pale skin, Sarah's eyes narrowed while a grimace covered her face.

Ms. Rowena was the worst client that Sarah had the misfortune to work with. It takes a lot to get under Sarah's skin, but Rowena was digging away almost at the start. It did not bode well that Ms. Rowena showed up with her white with purple accented outfit a half hour later than her stated time. Of course once she arrived, she began giving orders in her Scottish accented voice. Sometimes Sarah could not understand her, and Rowena had a nice cutting insult to help out.

"Now dinnae try to change my mind even a wee bit. I know what I want," Rowena said while shaking a well manicured red nailed finger at Sarah and her boss.

Things went south real fast. Her boss just placated Rowena so she could direct her ire at Sarah. The only good thing about that was that Sarah thought less about quitting, and more about shoving assorted sharp objects into Rowena's wee place where the sun doesn't shine.

Now, she was was free for the day and her heart soared, but then she remembered that Rowena was a wee bit satisfied with her work and would be in tomorrow. Sarah's hands clenched. If she had a cherished pet or a diamond in her hands, they would be a red mush or black oil. Sarah had to wait a few minutes before her hands relaxed.Damn. Then she went down the stairs while a hot wind rushed up past her.

When Sarah reached the express train platform, she was hoping that maybe someone would start pissing on a wall near her so she could push them on the tracks. That mean thought made her pause. While Sarah tried to understand where her rage came from, a cool breeze touched her back.

Sarah whirled around and saw the unicorn. Some doubts floated up in her mind, but the prospect of another day with Rowena or worse made the unicorn the lesser of two evils. She ran toward the forest, and the waving unicorn. Her sure steps crossed the threshold between the subway and the forest.

One moment, Sarah was in a hot subway station and the next she was in a shadowy cool forest. She looked back and just saw trees, no subway platform. That gave her a bit of a chill. A hoof gently touched her leg. Sarah looked down and saw the white unicorn point further down the trail then it started walking. Every few seconds it would look back like a dog to see if its master or friend was following.

Sarah followed but misgivings were starting to surface in her mind. The silence of the forest started to bear down on her. Being a city girl, all she knew of forests was from tv, but even those forests had some sort of sounds in them. Birdsong, animals, something, it felt like she was in an outdoor tomb.

While she was musing about the absence of sounds, her feet stepped on something with a crack. Sarah leaned down, and picked up the beige object. It was a bit of bone that something had gnawed on, the teeth marks were pretty deep. Maybe its a bone from a person? That thought snaked into her mind. She looked back.

Sarah would have turned back but the unicorn stroked her side, it felt good, almost reassuring. With a sigh, she followed the unicorn further down the path.

The path opened into a clearing surrounded by trees. At first, Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. She was expecting something terrible not an empty clearing. The unicorn went to the edge of the clearing several steps away, Sarah took a few steps to follow it when a glint of light on something shiny caught her eye.

Items seemed to appear out of the grass like the things in the 'Can you find' books she read when she was a child. There was a metal cane with a bit of blood on it, some black and silver jogging shoes were a few steps away and there was a three wheeled stroller with a bloody seat. Sarah did not bother to notice the colors of the stroller, the dark red of dried blood was the only color her eyes could see.

It did not take too long before Sarah realized that these items belonged to some of the missing people she saw in the posters. A glance back at her unicorn friend showed that he brought company. There were more unicorns looking at her. Something about their gaze reminded her of the time she got mugged, the mugger had the same cold appraising look in his eyes.

The yellow unicorn with the pink mane and tail seemed to have really cold looking bluish green eyes. Before Sarah could do anything, a brown and white unicorn pranced its way to her. The creature's poise and self assuredness reminded her of Rowena. Sarah clenched her hands then looked back at the cane. She wondered if she had the time to grab it. A quick glance showed the brown and white unicorn rearing up to knock Sarah off of her feet.

Sarah hit the ground so hard all of the air was driven out of her lungs. A few gasps later and the unicorn was on her chest looking her right in the eye. Blue eyes gazed into brown eyes.

She tried to punch the unicorn but it just gracefully moved its head away from the wild swing then the creature smiled and Sarah felt the crushing weight of black despair.

The brown and white prancing creature had a set of sharp triangular teeth that even a shark would be proud to have. Before Sarah could aim another swing, the unicorn tore her throat out.

Sarah tried to scream, but the blood filling her throat made it hard to breathe then something hit her hard on the top of her head, stars flashed behind her slowly closing eyes. As she went into shock, Sarah could feel her clothes being ripped off as well as some things chewing on her body.

Before Sarah slipped away, she wondered if anyone would put up a missing poster for her.

A half hour later, a content brown and white unicorn looked around at her friends. In the background, hungry foals snarled and gnawed blood splattered bones. The brown and white unicorn stomped her forehooves on the ground.

"Well, Cyril, darling, you have outdone yourself this time," she said.

The white unicorn with the blue eyes and black curly mane bowed. "Thank you Hortense."

The pink and yellow unicorn looked at Hortense with concern in its blue green eyes. "W-what about m-me? I did a lot of s-scrying b-before we found these creatures. Then I c-cast the gateway s-spell. Also I had t-to use m-magic to watch their terrible t-tv shows."

"You are correct Sofira dear, without the both of you, things would have been pretty grim," Hortense said with a wide smile.

Several foals had taken to licking ruby red blood off of her fur.

Hortense looked around at the adult unicorns. "Who knew that mythical creatures could be so tasty?"

Sofira squeaked out a "M-me!" but she was ignored.

"Now we have a way to get more food. I have to admit, once those horrid howling wolves had been all eaten, I was so sure there was nothing left that would be worth eating," Hortense said.

A brown unicorn stallion said "Well, there were the birds."

"T-too b-b-bony!" Sofira said with a disgusted toss of her pink mane.

"The Herd needs more food. It seems now the problem is how do we get more of these creatures here?" Hortense said.

"I nnnnngh," Sofira tried to say, she hit the ground with her left forehoof in frustration.

Hortense gave Sofira a reassuring look. "Sofira darling, just take a nice deep breath and let it out slowly."

Sofira shyly looked around then took a deep breath. "Um, why don't we use illusion magic and make ourselves look like tv show characters? Humans love tv show characters."

The clearing was silent except for the fussing of the still hungry foals.

Then the stomping began, low at first then it was like thunder.

Hortense stood up. "Sofira darling, that is a splendid idea."

The Unicarnivs
All of her life, Sarah Collins wanted to be appreciated for her taste.
Soon, she would get her wish.
32 deviations

Chapter 4

The idea of just one more night made Vernon grimace with disgust. No, Vernon thought. He could not take another night of those flappy brained creatures, or worse in his head desecrating his precious memories. Deep down, he knew that a man is not much if his memories are gone, or ruined. One more messed up nightmare filled night and it would be his last on Earth. He glanced at his gun before putting it back in his holster.

Gloomy thoughts kept him company while he trudged down the street along with Caroline and Saul. He finally decided to get a car, heck, even a bike would get him to Chedd's Ford or any town that was far away from the city.

He turned his gaze to the cars in the street. This was the industrial and warehouse district, Vernon saw that there were less vehicles. Each car had the keys in the ignition, but dealing with the stringy white mold from the cocoons was a big consideration. What if the stuff started to grow on him while he was trying to clean the car? He stopped and looked at the cars then Vernon decided he wanted a closer look.

Saul watched Vernon run into the street.

“Vern, are you OK?” Saul asked.

“No, we need to get out of this city. Do you know how to hotwire a car?” Vernon asked and turned around to look at Saul.

Saul shook his head.

Caroline made a good suggestion. “There are a lot of garages near here and they keep the keys nearby.”

Vernon smiled. “Do you know where we can find one?”

Caroline looked to the right for a second. “I know the one near my apartment, but after what happened in the store, I don't want to backtrack.”

Saul could see a bit of desperation in Vernon's eyes. “We will keep looking in this area. Maybe we will get lucky?”

Vernon shook his head. “We have been lucky already. Do you think that this streak of good luck will hold? We were lucky that those creatures got killed, and they did not come upstairs.”

“Yes, Vernon we were lucky, but at least things have not gotten worse. Let's find us some transportation out of here,” Saul said while holding his hands out in a placating gesture.

Vernon shook his head, but he walked back onto the sidewalk. They continued to the next block.

On the left side of the street, there was a black and orange sign that said “Parkmor Garage.”

Vernon grinned. At last, he had a good chance to get out fast before things got worse.

Caroline looked at the incline leading into the depths of the garage. “How do we handle this?”

Vernon's grin switched to a serious look. “Very slowly and carefully.”

The group slowly crept down into the garage. Saul noticed that some cars parked along the gray concrete walls had empty cocoons in them. He kept expecting something to come around the wall, and catch them creeping down the ramp. The anticipation of seeing something awful around the corner made Saul's hands shake even more.

Finally, they made it around the corner. Saul was relieved to see just cars, trucks and some cocoons. No monsters, flappy headed or not. He looked at Vernon.

Vernon smiled then he started checking out the parked vehicles. A dark blue SUV caught his eye. It was big enough to seat four, and have some space for someone to sleep in the back. He smiled a bit wider. The SUV had a ticket on the windshield.

He gave the beige ticket a quick look. “Okay, we just need the keys for Vehicle JSR9500.”

Caroline looked back at Vernon then she nodded. Saul walked up to the car.

Caroline went into the gray guard booth, it just took her a few minutes to find the right keys. While she was walking back, the group heard footsteps on the concrete ramp.

Vernon whispered, “Damn.”

Saul put his hand on his gun.

Caroline sprinted toward Saul, and Vernon while the unknown footsteps headed further down the ramp.

She was close enough to give Vernon the keys when the unknown visitors changed their minds, and headed back up the ramp.

Everyone just stood as still as statues to see if the visitors would return. After a few minutes of hearing them go back outside, Caroline gave Vernon the keys.

Vernon did not take long to unlock the doors. “Throw your stuff in the back and let's get the hell out of here before someone or something else shows up!” After he was behind the wheel, Vernon started the SUV with no problems.

Saul sat next to Vernon, and had his seatbelt on. Vernon looked at Saul with a smile, and put his seatbelt on. The sound of clicks from the seat behind them verified that Caroline had her belt on too. Vernon turned the car and drove up the ramp.

Saul rolled down his window a bit. He was amazed at their luck. A roomy car with a full tank of gas. Now they just had to drive away.

As the empty city blocks rolled past, morale started to rise. Vernon was cautiously optimistic that he would be far away in a few hours. The few cars that were sitting in the street, he just drove around them. Vernon did not worry about them until the next set of cars.

These blocked the street so completely they could not drive around them. Also the absence of cocoons showed that someone had placed the cars that way on purpose. Vernon's smile slipped a little as he backed the SUV to the previous crosswalk.

Saul watched Vernon's face carefully. After what Vernon told him at the Rentastor, he was concerned. Then again Saul did not think he could take too much more of the flappy brained creatures messing with his head either.

Caroline just watched as the SUV backed away from the roadblock. She kept her hand near her gun just in case.

Vernon drove up the block and turned to the left. Halfway down the block, he saw another blockage. This time it was a large dump truck and a bus. They were parked sideways.

Caroline looked at the vehicles. “I don't like this.”

“Me either,” Vernon replied as he put the car in reverse. “Saul, do you know this area?” Vernon asked.

“Not too well. Maybe we should head north?” Saul replied.

“I am going to try one more block and then we will head north,” Vernon said. His good spirits faded away.

The next block was also closed off. For a few seconds, Vernon had a vision of jamming his foot on the gas. The SUV would tear down the street and strike the parked cars. There would be an explosion. He would be free! Maybe the car would not explode, and he would be lying in the driver's seat. The worst case scenario would be that he becomes dazed and or confused. Of course, he would be easy pickings for the next flappy brained creature. A quick shake of the head brought him back to reality.

Vernon checked the rear view mirror while backing up to the next crosswalk. He hoped that driving north would be the way out of the city.

Everyone in the car tensed up as Vernon sped through the quiet and empty streets. Red lights were ignored as he drove fast for freedom. The next block showed them a sight that made them question if they would ever gain their freedom from the city.

A large group of flappy brained people watched as the SUV slowly rolled up to them. Vernon did not understand how several cars were floating above the ground.

“How the heck are they doing that?” Caroline asked with surprise. The sight made her clutch her gun harder.

Saul just gawked at the sight of the floating cars.

Vernon did not know how the flappy brained creatures were making the cars float a foot above the street. He did not really care. There was enough space to slip the SUV through, but the creatures could move the cars and block him. If I have to, I will make a deal with the Devil to get away, Vernon decided.

He rolled down the window on his side. A flappy brained dog ran up to the car.

“Let us go! We won't come back and cause trouble,” Vernon screamed with desperation in his voice.

For a few minutes, nothing could be heard other than the panting of the dog near the car.

“You or others who sing of dissonance will come back. It is inevitable,” Several voices replied.

Silence crept back again until the flappy brained creatures stepped back. The dog went back to its masters. Even the floating cars went back down to the asphalt.

“What the hell?” Caroline asked.

“Come on Vernon, let's go!” Saul urged.

Vernon did not need urging to drive through the gap. While they went through, everyone cringed in anticipation of being crushed, but nothing happened.

Saul and Caroline watched as the flappy brained creatures floated the cars to block off the street.

Vernon wondered about the poor people left in the city.

“Vern, I wonder what will happen to the people left in the city?” Saul asked.

“Those flappy brained creatures will get them for sure,” Caroline opined.

Vernon kept his own counsel. As the car traveled across the West River Bridge and to freedom, he said a silent prayer of thanks and one of mercy for the people left in the city.

They all knew deep down that the poor people left in the city would need all the help they can get.

Gleaner Chronicles

Chapter 9

Battle Council Room

“I managed to get back into the Hive Labs to get some real data. Chr’Ida had not been telling me everything,” Chr’Aya gave her sister a angry look.

Chr’Ida waved her left forehoof dismissively. “The Queen wanted results and I got them.”

“For two wonderful days, we had enough emotion for every changeling. I knew that all of that emotion was probably not being obtained peacefully. My sister was probably killing humans but I needed proof to bring to the Queen. I was checking some of the logs when things changed...” Chr’Aya glared at her sister and continued.

Hive Lab

“You can stay here but do not interfere. The Queen has made it clear that nothing must stop our work,” Chr’Ida said with a determined tone.

With a toss of her head, Chr’Aya replied, ”Fine.”

Chr’Aya walked away from her sister and started checking the machines. Some of the strange energy readings were alarming her. Chr’Aya did not like surprises. The figures hinted at possible problems.

It was bad enough that she was using designs from an old tome she found in the forbidden tunnels. Chr’Aya wished she had more time to study the energy readings.It seems like they are just pushing things too fast before studying them.

Several teams of changelings transformed into humans and walked into the gate. Chr’Aya watched the readings carefully. Five minutes later, almost all of the teams returned but two.

“Where is Team Four and Three?” Chr’Ida asked loudly.

The researchers shrugged and checked their monitors for info.

“Research Leader, Chr’Ida, Team three’s life signs are gone. I think the humans killed them,” One of the researchers responded with fear.

Chr’Ida wondered how the humans were able to kill one of the teams. It seemed that they were capable of sensing that they were changelings. I will have to be more careful with losing more changelings, the Queen will not be happy.

The report filled Chr’Aya with foreboding for some reason.

Another researcher announced, “Incoming emotional surge in one minute.”

Chr’Ida sat down with a smile. Chr’Aya checked the figures from one of the devices again.

Several minutes passed and there was no emotional surge. The gateway started to glow a brighter shade of green.

Chr’Ida looked at the gate with surprise. “What the Hay?”

Chr’Aya looked at the glowing gate with fear. “Turn it off!” She screamed. I am too far from the power cables!

A greenish figure with black eyes floated out of the gate. It moved up to one of the researchers. The researcher studied the visitor with curiosity until the green thing stuck its wispy hands into the poor changeling’s chest. The victim screamed in pain until it faded away into a blaze of green. The creature floated up to its next victim until it was blasted to bits by Chr’Ida.

A smug look covered her face,”There, the problem is solved!”

The gateway was now too bright to look at and more ghost like figures floated into the lab.

Chr’Aya ran for the doorway. She hoped her sister was heading that way too. Behind her more changelings screamed and died. When Chr’Aya reached the hallway she looked behind her.

The doors to the lab were smashed open and a flood of green energy creatures was coming out of it. Ahead of the hungry enemies, Chr’Ida galloped to safety. The two princesses ran to the throneroom.

Hive Throneroom

“You three, form up over there! You cover them!” Chr’Bintha shouted orders as Chr’Ida and Chr’Aya cantered through the doorway. A guard closed and locked the door behind them. The princesses pushed their way through the soldiers to the Queen.

Queen Chr’Ysalis fixed her frightened sisters with a cold green gaze. “How can we fix this?”

Chr’Ida looked at Chr’Aya for a second.

“Well, I am waiting,” Chr’Ysalis said while her patience faded.

A panicked guard yelled,”Something is burning through the wall!”

All eyes focused at the wall as it was covered by a network of green lines that grew brighter.

“Everypony move back!” Chr’Bintha commanded while she stepped back too.

The wall exploded and several changelings got crushed by the debris. Glowing figures floated through the gaping hole in the wall..

“Send them back to Tartarus!” Chr’Bintha screamed as she fired green blasts from her horn. For a few minutes it looked like the defensive line would hold, but there were just too many of the green enemies and the line was overwhelmed.

Chr’Bintha dodged and fired blasts before she ran back toward the Queen. The remaining soldiers followed her.

Chr’Ysalis blinked slowly and sighed. “It has come to this. Follow me!” She got off of the throne and used her magic to activate it. The emerald and ebony chair smoothly slid aside and revealed a dark tunnel. Chr’Ysalis cantered into the tunnel followed by the princesses and soldiers.

Chr’Aya thought it would be pitch black but green runes in the walls provided enough light to see. After a few minutes of walking, Chr’Ysalis stopped and raised her left forehoof.

“The tunnel goes up and out of the Hive. Once we are safely away I will decide where to go,” Chr’Ysalis said. She galloped down the tunnel. Chr’Aya could hear screams coming from behind her. The enemy is in the escape tunnel!

The princesses followed Chr’Ysalis as she galloped to the end of the escape tunnel. Then she flew upwards. All of the surviving changelings followed her.

Black walls just kept passing by. Chr’Aya was getting tired but she kept on flying. How much further until we get to the surface?

At first it was just blank walls, then she could see doors. Some of them were opened by escaping changelings. Later on, Chr’Aya could see glimpses of green on the higher levels. More changelings joined the group.

Chr’Bintha flew up next to Chr’Aya. “These foul Gleaners are everywhere now!”

“Gleaners?” Chr’Aya asked with surprise.

“I call them Gleaners because they collect life and emotion,” Chr’Bintha explained.

Chr’Aya could feel cold air blowing down on her. Finally, we are close to the surface. My wings are so tired.

The swarm flew out of the hive into the cold dark night sky. With a green flash, the changelings lit up their horns so they could see. Chr’Aya wanted to slow down and rest but the glow of the chasing Gleaners kept her flying fast.

Beyond the Gleaners chasing her group, Chr’Aya saw a frightening sight. A bright green fountain of Gleaners spewed out of the Hive going in different directions. She also saw something next to the fountain that looked like a glowing green alicorn. Chr’Aya faced forward and concentrated on flying as fast as she can. Slow flyers would fall back and never be seen again.

Battle Council Room

“When the last Gleaner behind us was killed, we found a place to rest. Chr’Ysalis made the decision to go to Canterlot to ask for refuge,” Chr’Aya’s ears drooped.

Margot did not know what to say. After hearing Chr’Aya, she was not sure what to do.

Celestia sat in her seat and pondered Chr’Aya’s story.

“This is a good story but how does this help us get the Prophetess back or take down Skyshriek Tumult?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I wonder if we can sneak in and get the Prophetess?” Margot asked.

“They would see us, but the changelings can look like other creatures. Yeah, I am liking this plan,” Rainbow Dash enthused.

“I know some levitation and illusion spells. I can help with rescuing the Prophetess,” Margot suggested.

“A small group might have more success than a large invading army. What do you think ‘Tia?”, Luna asked.

Celestia looked at her sister and then back at the group. “Yes but the group must do its work quickly and quietly. They will not survive a battle with a much larger force. I agree that this could work. After lunch, we need to do more planning and preparation.”

“Princess, its Skyshriek Tumult! No one does anything quiet there!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

Everypony laughed.

“Princess Chr’Aya and Princess Chr’Ida would you like to have lunch with us?” Celestia asked.

“Yes. I thank you for the invitation,” Chr’Ida replied.

The changeling princesses joined the table.

Luna motioned to a waiting serving pony and she brought some cleaning bowls.

Margot watched as ponies put their forehooves into the bowls to wash them. Then she tried it too. Serving ponies brought bowls with clean water for rinsing as well as towels.

After their hooves were clean, the waiters brought in all sorts of food and drink.

“Where does all of this food come from?” Margot asked while she munched on some celery.

“We have a special group of unicorns that conjure up food and water. Its too late in the season to grow anything. Also the big farms have been abandoned,” Skybreeze replied.

Margot thought a bit. ”I might be able to help your unicorns. I know a way to make machines to generate food and water.”

“We could use the extra magical power if the food making unicorns were freed from their duties,” Celestia added.

Margot liked the lunch and the company. She had been resentful of the changelings but now she was not sure. Rescuing the Prophetess was her next priority.

Lower Canterlot
Lore Archives

Margot and Skybreeze stood in front of a small green velvet tent. A breeze pulled at their manes and tails.

“This tent holds the magical archives of Canterlot. Celestia and some forward thinking ponies made copies of the archives and moved the copies to an area outside Canterlot. We will have to ask for books on Conjuration, Polymorphism and Illusion. I hope none of these are in the proscribed area,” Skybreeze said.

Margot looked at the tent. “Why?”

Skybreeze sighed. “Proscribed items require more paperwork before you can get your hooves on them. I thought that they would streamline things but nothing has changed.”

“After you,” Skybreeze pointed at the door of the tent. Margot walked through the door of the tent and entered the archives.

Gleaner Chronicles: Chapter 9
This project is on hold until I finish some other stories. I do want to finish this one too.

First chapter…


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Everyone has them. You might cringe or giggle at the ghosties but they are there.
I have a bunch of fears but I am functional.

Well, at least more functional than Adrian Monk.
That guy is afraid of milk.

I will share one with you. I am afraid of the Dark. The psychologists call it "Nyctophobia".…

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Lucky for me, there are streetlamps outside at home so I get enough light. My computer's motherboard actually glows bright enough too.

I also can't walk by a totally dark room without looking in or closing the door. There is a voice inside that whispers,"Take a peek, maybe you will see something." I would like to ignore that voice, but I just have to look.

That is the other part, the fascination. I want to see if there is something looking back. Thank goodness, I don't see anything. This also covers my interest in empty dark storefronts, dark areas under bridges and other places.

Do you have a fear and fascination with the Dark?
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